Where can I order Bhante Sujato's translations in physical form?

Hello everyone. I am interested in starting to read the suttas for the first time after a long time away from them. Does anyone know where I can find Bhante @sujato’s translations in physical form? I have the ebooks on Google play books but I like having a physical copy of books, I like donating them after I am done reading them or when I am doing a bookshelf declutter. So does anyone know where I can find a physical copy, if it exists at all?

I like bhante Sujato’s translation the most because of how gender inclusive it is, he translates ‘‘bhikkhus’’ as ‘‘mendicants’’, a gender neutral term. It makes the texts much more approachable for me, as a girl.

Thank you for your time!


Go to the SuttaCentral home page, scroll a little down, click on “SuttaCentral editions”—and find there all you need.

Just be aware that the translations are currently being revised, so changes, and some of them substantial, are still happening.

Have fun … and then start making great Greek translations based on what you read! :grin:


Thank you for replying, Sabbamitta!

Yes, I have in fact contemplated translating the Pali Canon to Greek, (just a passing thought in the shower, I think of weird things) but the problem is, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in reading it, Buddhism is a very small community here, and we barely have a monastic Sangha.

I have also considered making a braille translation (I really want to learn braille for some reason), but it would be really ironic for a blind person to read the phrase ‘‘six sense bases’’ when they only have 5. It would be total irony.

Thank you a lot for your help! I wish you Metta and the best in your practice!