Why don’t we have bhikkhuni Patimokkhas in TH and SI?

I’m just wondering why there are no Theravada Bhikkhuni Patimokkha translations in Thai and Sinhala on SC?
This ssems like something which should exist already in the public domain, even if it’s a ‘legacy’ format file.
It would be very useful when trying to discuss what is and isn’t vinaya with people whose English is a poor second language.


Sure, if someone located them we’d happily add them.

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Here’s the Thai translation of the Bhikkhunī Vibhaṅga (ภิกขุนีวิภังค์): https://84000.org/tipitaka/read/m_siri.php?B=03&siri=1

Is that what you’re looking for? :pray:


Is there a Pāṭimokkha too?
Is its copyright suitable for sc?
I can’t read Thai at all. I just feel like these resources must exist and there should be an effort made to include them in SC

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I’m not seeing a standalone one on this site… but my Thai is not very good, so maybe I’m just missing it?

I believe it’s the same, public domain translation as SuttaCentral already has for many of the suttas…

Hear hear!

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