Wisdom (Bhikkhu Bodhi) Pali Canon on sale thru 25 May 2018

Email from Wisdom Publications informs that their set of Pali Canon translations (8 volumes, mostly by Bhikkhu Bodhi) is on sale at 40% off regular prices thru 25 May. Both physical books and ebooks (nice bundles including .epub, .mobi & .pdf, and reasonably priced unlike most thru retail channels). Use code PALI40 for discount.


Thanks. I just ordered Sutta Nipata for USD 45.00 including postage.
With Metta


Did the same thing :slight_smile:

They have continued the sale for a few more days, and I found it useful to fill in the electronic versions that I didn’t already have. However, Wisdom’s shipping options are extremely expensive for non-US customers so I ordered the Sutta Nipata from www.bookdepository.com, which cost less than Wisdom’s shipping charge…


Meh, I will wait for the Sujato translations in ePub and paper. I’ll buy a set, donate it to my vihara, use the ePub ( or site ) for myself as I like the electronic searches and bookmarks.

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I notice from my email that there’s another Wisdom sale on at the moment. 40% discount on all titles from July 25 to July 28 by using the code “SUMMER” at checkout.


Ajahn Sujato will release a printed copy of his translations?

I’ve seen mention here that this is SuttaCentral’s ultimate plan. However, I don’t know of the intended timescale for physically printed books (though some unofficial electronic/epub versions are available). This might be months away yet. Perhaps check with @Vimala or @sujato?

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I wish I had noticed this sale sooner. I already own the Majjhima, Samyutta, and Anguttara. I just need hard copies of the Digha and Suttanipata now.

My favorite.


I think there was a similar sale around November last year (presumably coinciding with Thanksgiving in the US), so I guess there may well be another again if you hang on for a while! :slight_smile:


Yes, it still very much on the roadmap. In fact I had a discussion just yesterday regarding funding for this.

But it will be a little time before we do a complete edition. First Ven Brahmali will finish the Vinaya, then that will be proofed. Meanwhile I am revising the Theragatha and aim to complete the remaining early books of the Khuddaka.

We are thinking about two different kinds of publishing. One will be conventional free distribution, printed and distributed by Budaedu in Taiwan. This would be on a per-nikaya or per-book basis.

The second would be a “Legacy” edition, a full cloth-bound hardcover edition of the entire set of Pali EBTs. We would fundraise for this first and print at least 2,000 sets. They would then be available for the cost of postage.


Thanks for the update. Fantastic to hear that this is still all firmly on the “to do” list! :anjal:

FYI another Wisdom book sale is coming around again. According to a mail I got on their email list last night, there will be 40% off books from tomorrow. The sale runs from November 23rd to 26th. Use code: SAVE40.


Are you also planning on including translations of the Chinese EBTs? It would be so lovely to see both in print form with references to parallel suttas/sutras (maybe not a detailed line by line parallel like on the site, but just wholesale parallels).

I do not believe this is part of the project.

This is being done by the Agama research group: http://agamaresearch.ddbc.edu.tw

Was there a link in the email to a sale page on their website? Is the sale for print as well as electronic?

I guess so. The email really only contained this image, so make of it what you will! :slight_smile:


It’s not in current work, but we definitely would like to do so. Of course we are happy to support and publish any work by others.


Thank you!

It’s weird, though. Since having time to think about buying the Digha Nikaya and Suttanipāta, I’m hesitant about buying them now. “Do I need these?” Looking through Wisdom’s selection today, Great Disciples of the Buddha, Buddhist Ethics, and Rebirth in Early Buddhism caught my eye, but I’m unsure if I need those either, lol. I’ll figure out something eventually—hopefully before the 26th.

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Snowed under!!
Yes I can relate to this perhaps you should consider the prices are in USD, just in case you have to convert it to your local currency.
Consider delivery charge as well.

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