YouTube premiere - Guest appearence by Ajahn Brahm

Please find attached a recording of the webinar from Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Sujato about the work they do ‘behind the scenes’ for SuttaCentral.

SuttaCentral is a free, multilingual, collaborative, online Buddhist encyclopedia at your fingertips.

After four years we are humbly door knocking for a donation, no matter how small. This is to upgrade SuttaCentral to the next level in a timely fashion. For this task, we are hiring a reputed software development giant,, who helped us with the last upgrade. We are seeking to raise AUD50,000.00 from this appeal.

All donations to SuttaCentral are spent entirely on the development of the website.

All our development is done publicly, so you can track our progress on github.

Please don’t scroll past without visiting page.

Your endowment gift holds a special place in our hearts because it shows you’re invested in making the dhamma freely available to anyone who is seeking. We believe that this is vital.

Many thanks and we hope you have a happy holiday season.


Dear Deepika, thanks so much for this :pray: May I suggest you add in to the topic some mention that there is a specific fundraising drive to raise$ 50,000 for the next stage of Sutta Central Development. This way it may be easier for potential donors to see, who might otherwise assume it is simply a presentation about SC.

With best wishes and a heap of metta :smiley: :dharmawheel: :sunflower:

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Viveka, I am not sure what you mean by this, so sorry for my lack of understanding. Our donors are the individuals who appriciate the website, I am sure they know where the doantion page is. If someone only view the presentation and learn something or become interested in the dhamma that is okay too. One day they will find where the donation page is.


Thanks Deepika :pray: :slight_smile:

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