4bv STED metta chanting, KN Khp 9

My collection of metta sutta pali chants (some english ones too).
The whole thing is about 30mb right now, it should allow you to download the whole directory into one zip file.

Of particular interest, for those interested in correct pali pronunciation, are these files:

  1. dhammaruwan chanting as a 3 year old boy (poor audio quality, recorded on tape recorder from 40 years ago) . This chanting style is probably representative of the reciter monks in Ven. Buddhaghosa’s party traveling to Sri Lanka to compose Visuddhimagga. If that doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what to say.
  2. dhammaruwan chanting as an adult
  3. Bhante gunaratana
  4. Ven Jiv. chanting the metta portion of STED 4bv
  5. ven seelagawesi (sila-gavesi?)

the pali and english text for the 4bv STED:

If you have good metta sutta audio links to share, please post links in this thread. Of particular interest are audio of high quality, and correct pali pronunciation. Also metta chants (in any language) from any sangha group or any individual of outstanding virtue and practice, regardless of pronunciation quality/correctness as they have spiritual uplifting value.