A Chinese collection of Itivuttakas

Someone asked that I share this pdf that includes parallels to the Itivuttaka.
KN-iti comparaison with chinese parallel -Watanabe.pdf (415.0 KB)

Is Ven @Vimala still working on this kind of thing?


I was looking for a sentence like the first sutra.

Where Buddha saying

All living beings fall into bad states of existence, being defiled by anger, and so continually suffer the torture of births and deaths.

I realized it didn’t have all. I’m interested in more. :pray:t4:

Oh, that’s great someone found a study of the parallels in this Chinese translation. I’ve looked at it a few times and did translate one parallel last year from it. It’s on my list of EBTs to translate along with the Agamas. Xuanzang was a translator who produced excellent Chinese translations from Sanskrit after studying in India for many years (during the 600s AD), so it’s quite a treat to read his translation of an EBT collection like this.


Apologies for the late reply. This is very interesting.
But I’m a bit at a loss to find out what is what here. @cdpatton - do I have it correct that this is T17_0765 and that this is not on SuttaCentral yet?

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Yes. I believe the reason it didn’t make it onto SC is that it isn’t located in the Agama section of the Taisho. The Taisho editors seem not to have recognized it as a parallel to the Itivuttaka at the time, as they made no notes about the parallels.


I checked it out a bit better on CBETA 線上閱讀 and figured that this is fairly simple to implement, both the text and the parallels. Bhante @Sujato, would you like me to add this text and it’s parallels to SuttaCentral? Either in Bilara segmented or in HTML?

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