At last, some good news


Except now they have a target on their back and no protection from the police :pensive: Hopefully this good news has a happy ending :crossed_fingers:

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I’m surprised to see such a political post here… even though it is the Watercooler. But fine, why not…

The post is celebrating the election of a person whose main message is 1) “F*** the police” and is 2) self-described as a Satanist.

  1. How is ‘F*** the police’ not promoting hate, which is against the guidelines of this forum?

  2. Satanism, like most things, is not easily defined, but most would agree that is a ‘left-hand path’, and therefore promote things that are amoral or at least opposed to Dhamma. Let’s take for example this from the ‘Church of Satan’ website… one couldn’t be more a-dhammic:

    (And some Satanic sects encourage outright criminal and horrible acts, for example the Order of Nine Angles (human sacrifices), just to give one example)

Edit: Based on some replies below, the person is actually not part of the Church of Satan but part of the Satanic Temple which seems to hold more dhammic values:
But see the Church of Satan’s website for their view on the Temple:

Ok people are angry and want to overturn the system, I understand that, I also want a change of this corrupt system and am angry at many things, but we should encourage peaceful protests (it’s possible! Gandhi, Mandela) rather than hateful ones (which is the norm unfortunately).

Bhante, could you explain why you felt this news was a good news?


Yasoj, when I went to the article itself I understood the deeper layers of what is going on here. The point of Aria DiMezzo’s campaign, in part, it seems is to make this point:

Because the fact is that you didn’t bother. You trusted the system. You trusted the establishment. You trusted the party. You felt safe. You were sure that there must be some mechanisms in place to prevent from occurring exactly what just occurred. Your anger is misplaced if you direct it at me. Please listen. Your anger is with the system that has lied to you. Your anger is with the system that convinced you to believe in it, trust in it, and have faith in it, when it is completely and utterly broken.

Aria kind of “Kalama Sutta’d” them. All these voters who mindlessly voted for Aria put their faith in misguided views, and nominated someone who, on reflection, the Republican Party would never support. I can’t speak for why this is good news per Bhante’s original post, but Aria made a great point. A public service was performed. The good news is this news: Pay attention. Wake up.

The system that let you down by allowing me–the freaking transsexual Satanist anarchist–be your sheriff candidate is the same system I’m attacking. I’m sorry, and I know it hurts to hear, but that system is a lie. The entire thing is a lie. It’s broken from beginning to end, and my existence as your sheriff candidate is merely how this reality was thrown into your face.


DiMezzo’s message and persona are so layered in irony that without a lot of context it’s challenging to recognize that they are essentially a person of good faith and good will – at least according to anyone who might call their political “victory” good news. Think of it as a prank meant to expose rank hypocrisy.

Also, DiMezzo is affiliated with the pro-social Satanic Temple not the antisocial Church of Satan.


A fascinating website: The Satanic Temple - About us . “The Mission Of The Satanic Temple Is To Encourage Benevolence And Empathy, Reject Tyrannical Authority, Advocate Practical Common Sense, Oppose Injustice, And Undertake Noble Pursuits.” Even the Seven Tenets have a Dhammic ring to them. With this, I can only hope that Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me…

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for me… for meeee… FOR MEEEEEEE !!!


Generalizations about some Satanists, like generaliztions about some Christians, or some atheists, some Muslims, some Buddhists, are… generalizations.
The person mentioned in the OP apparently affiliates with this website and it might offer a snapshot of their opinions (when posted) (rather than the words of others). Their chosen slogan is “peace, love, autonomy” and the title of that blog post appears to be “stop obeying”.

Let’s be careful about representing any person; let their own words and actions stand for themselves.

For the record, the “Reformed Church of Satan” is DiMezzo. They are the High Priestess. But the values espoused are more or less the same as the Satanic Temple’s.

I agree @UpasakaMichael,

it seems a tangible, tongue and cheek response to people blindly following the status quo.

I don’t know much about satanists, but there are plenty of Christians out there who think Buddhists and the Buddha are Satanists themselves :joy::rofl:. ( I was at the receiving end of this teaching for years in school).

The thought of my kind, sweet friends who weren’t Christian going to rot and burn in hell sowed the seeds of my subsequent disaffiliation with theism as a whole.
Maybe that explains my soft spot for satanists…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


People in my experience tend to be complicated and non-static. Most are immersed in delusions about existence. I am wary of taking any sampling as complete representation, but especially when sampling brings in comparisons.

The OP is a link to news article (which itself includes links) about a local political event and a title At last, some good news. There are human beings involved, and posting here. May all human beings have what they need in their lives, including spiritual practice and training which leads towards Dhamma and seeing it as it is, and living harmlessly. For what else can any of us wish?


IMHO, this thread should be read as a followup to Bhante’s recent posts here and his article below where he decries the apathy and despair that seems to have got everyone stuck in the mud with regard to any kind of action… unfortunately most people aren’t angry… they just seem to have given up!


Michael, I agree with you on this. It’s a nice wake-up call for many people in the area I’m sure. My surprise is to see this news on this forum: 1) it’s very political, 2) the person uses harsh language promoting anger and hate towards another group (and 3) the person self-identify as Satanist which is often associated with anti-dhammic values, although not in this case it seems, so I’d happily retract this criterion of the list).

Thanks for this sinjin. I edited my post above to reflect this information. I dug a bit more into this and it seems the Satanic Temple is controversial in the sense that it is maybe more an activist group using the satanic caché to get attention rather than a true spiritual movement.

So what do you make of ‘F*** the police’? This is their own words. I know that they (the person) are only referring to the ‘corrupt’ police and not to the police as it should be, but using such hard language to provoke only lead to more anger and violence. Why are we celebrating this here on this forum?


I don’t think anyone is “celebrating” the phrase. Again, it’s a contextual thing. In much of the US (basically anyone under the age of 50 who hasn’t lived a sheltered life), “F*** the police” has lost a lot of its potency because it’s been part of pop culture since the 1980s when the rap group NWA had a hit song by that title. It’s commonly understood not to be anti-police per se (in their capacity as civil servants fulfilling a sworn duty) but anti-racist and anti-state violence. It’s a protest, not hate speech.

“Hate the police” is superficially comparable, more or less, but doesn’t have the same context and provenance, and as such sounds more genuinely hateful and provocative even though it doesn’t have profanity. Which brings up the always interesting question of what exactly is profane? :smiling_imp:


Wow, I read it totally differently. I thought he was not quite defending, but explaining the despair as a reasonable response to reality, and pushing back against the people getting judgey about the so-called doomers.

In the kettle, the one frog turned to the other, “is it warm do you think?”
The other nodded in contentment and settled in deeper.


The despair and apathy of the present generation is a reasonable response, and is also one already predicted by research. But Bhante began the thread on civilization collapse decrying the apathy that surrounds current societal response to these issues. The question really is “How does one get people to wake up?” I guess that DiMezzo’s way is one way to solve the issue … :thinking: :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Thanks, friend Yasoj for your comment; very cool. For me, this is what makes D&D so compelling. We have the very best resource for Dhamma here, and at the same time, sometimes in the moderated Watercooler forum we can touch on religion, politics, war, and other issues and have a chance to share thoughts with a group of smart and Dhammic friends here. We also have monastics like Vens. Sujato, Brahmali, Vimala, and others who are scholars, highly accomplished individuals, and Vinaya monastics that can give us feedback and insight on global issues, culture, and politics within the Dhammic context that I feel are often very insightful and unique.

@Yasoj, thanks for your comments and thoughtfulness. It’s what I really like about this forum…cool smart people with great insights, and who provoke good and kind exchanges on important and interesting subjects.


Thanks for posting this…just read it and it rings true with earlier points made…we are lucky to have such solid Vinaya monastics writing these kinds of essays, and I wish that Harbingers—I’d rather be a Doomer than a Boomer · The Monastery at the End of the World has the broadest distribution possible. FWIW, I just posted this article on Greta Thunberg’s Facebook page…


Post it on AOC’s too. Bhante will be tickled.