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Old PL forum used collection of google groups

link to old PL forum:

Redirecting to Google Groups

It is clunky. Hardly anyone uses it. will now point to this thread as the PL forum.

The next message in this thread is a wiki page that anyone can edit.

We are considering reviving our old facebook page, if this doesn’t gain traction at SCDD. Facebook is evil and we’d rather not use it, but the benefit of it is it reaches a wider audience than anything else. With a fringe interest like EBT audio recordings, that may be a necessary evil to pool the very limited resources of volunteers not getting paid.

General PL (proof listening) instructions

Proof listening instructions here:

In short, we’re looking for word perfect match between written and spoken word (with the exception of small articles that don’t change the meaning of the text, for example I say “a” instead of “the”, or add a “the” where it wasn’t in the text). When in doubt, just note it and we’ll listen to the audio and check.

helpful PL (proof listening) conventions

For a completed PL, add an emoji
:grin:” for PASS,
:rage:” for FAIL. I picked this emoji for the red color to stand out, not that Buddhists would actually express “rage” :rage:.
:green_apple: (picked for green color) means the sutta has been re-recorded and needs to be PL’d again for more than just the original mistake, perhaps the entire sutta.

(this second message is a wiki page anyone can edit)

PL Needed for these suttas MN 127 Anuruddha, 16min, eng, B.Sujato trans., PL Passed :) (proof listening)

PL in progress

KN Snp sutta nipata Eng. almost complete KN Snp: English, V.Than., PL Passed :)

potential candidates for PL DN Maha parinibbana sutta, some MN English recordings submitted

PL completed, needs to add these suttas to database


for collection of audio suttas in Pali, English, and other languages.

Just my 2 cents, but I hope you’ll stick to your principles! The ends never justify the means IMO :wink:

How do you want that wiki to be used?

Ideally people are creating and PL’ing content with no involvement from me, and that wiki is meant to track all the activity so can just post links to finished audio sutta recordings.


Closed at the request of the OP.