Bhikkhuni Monasteries to give Dana to and Ajahn Brahm video question

I saw a video of Ajahn Brahm saying that it is good to give dana to the bhikkhuni-sangha. But I can’t find it anymore. Does somebody here know it?

I want to regularly give more money-dana to a monastery or monasteries. Can anyone tell me which bhikkhuni-monasteries really need more dana, so that I can give it to them instead of a monastery that already has many donators?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Andrej
It is wonderful that you want to support Bhikkhunis :pray:t3:!

These are many Bhikkhuni monasteries/ sanghas / organizations around the world, and I am sure there is one close to you.
There is a thread here on D&D, and the list may have grown by now (:+1:t3:) so I welcome anyone to add to it,…

For the latest, most comprehensive list please see…

May much merit come to you :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:


Thanks for the list, it helps.


Hi @UpasakaMalavaro

Have a look at where you can really support a fledgeling bhikkhuni monastery, right from its very beginnings.

With metta


Here’s another opportunity- to support Ayya Yeshe who has just purchased a property for a new monastery in Tasmania but now has a debt!


Donations page

Facebook fundraiser


The Karuna Buddhist Vihara in the redwoods of Santa Cruz, California is just 2 fully ordained Theravadin Bhikkhunis in a small cabin on acreage. It’s off grid with stream water, gas generator, and they do have internet for twice weekly sangha meetings, retreats, and meetings with lay supporters. They are looking to expand to bring in trainees with kutis and a separate bathroom and shrine room to accommodate visitors. A wonderful cause :heart_eyes_cat:

Note: KBV does have a lay community of donors for their ongoing maintenance, so this would be more about supporting the expansion of infrastructure to expand the monastic Sangha.