Chinese & Tibetan Dharmapadas

Following on from the discussion on the various Dharmapada/Udānavarga and their translations, Ayya Kathrin @vimalanyani has compiled a list of the various translations of the Chinese/Tibetan Dharmapadas.

Bhikkhu Kuala Lumpur Dhammajoti 1995 - English translation of T210
Beal 1878 - English translation of T211
Levi 1912 - French translation and comparison of one chapter of T210, 211, 212, 213, the Tibetan Udānavarga, and the Sanskrit Udānavarga
Robinson 1954 - English translation of a late chapter of T210
Willeman 1978 - English translation of T213
Sparham 1983 - English translation of the Tibetan Udānavarga
Rockhill 1892 - English translation of the Tibetan Udānavarga - reprinted 1982

It would be great if we could have some of these translation on SuttaCentral because at the moment we have no translations of these texts.

There are a few original texts we do not have yet on SuttaCentral:
The Lokottaravāda Dharmapada, a small portion of which is quoted int he Mahāvastu
The Tibetan Udānavarga

I will contact Bhikkhu KL Dhammajoti to ask for the copyrights of his translation.


Thanks for this. Didn’t we already get Ven Dhammajoti’s translation a couple of years ago? I already asked him in person for permission. Maybe it got stuck in the pipeline.

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I found a closed issue in GitHub from 2 years ago saying that you will seek permission for this. But as for now we still do not have the translation on SC so maybe you can dig out your emails and see if there is something in there?


It seems that it did indeed fall between the cracks. I OCR’d the text and we have a clean text file. (28.7 KB)

Do you have the original? Otherwise I’ll share it with you. I also have the scanned texts of translations of T 211 by Beal and of the Udanavarga by Rockhill. These are pretty archaic, though!


Wow, thanks. That saves me from having to scan & OCR it.
What do you mean with “original”. We have the original of T210 on the site or do you mean the original text/book? I have the book by Ven. Dhammajoti right here. Got to love this library!

Please also send me the T211 translations and @Aminah, can you please make this an issue assigned to me (or us) on GitHub.


Sorry I meant the original scans of the translation.

Here’s Beal’s translation of T 211 (note that the Taisho didn’t exist then, so he doesn’t use that numbering)

And for the sake of completeness, Rockhill’s Udanavarga:


Why have one issue when you can have three?! :wink:

As the version Bhante has linked to appears to be a scan of a 1883 publication, I’ve mentioned this in the issue.

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I got the information about the publishing dates from page viii here (scan of the book at google play books)

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Yes, I think it’s a different copy to the one Bhante linked to. I can’t open any book pages on Google Play, but the info page shows it’s a reprint as per your list (funnily enough, it says “1 January 1892 Rare Reprints” - an impressive feat seeing as the same page says the original was only published on “Dec 31, 1892”).

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Yes, I know the info page is messed up.

This is page viii:

Anyway, it probably doesn’t matter too much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, I just found this awesome book on the 2nd hand book webstie, should I buy it and upload it here?

Is it legal to scan and upload this book?

Bhante @Sujato, can you answer this please?

No need to scan it, you can download it from here:

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That’s not exactly free of charge nor do I see a download link!
Question was if we can use it or if we run into copyrights again.
By the looks of it is a translation of T211.

See where it says PDF download? Well, not to state the obvious or anything, but you can download a PDF!

Ok, found it. Thanks. But can you please answer the other questions?

I don’t know. But anyway, the question is moot. There’s no need to scan it or upload it here, you can just grab the PDF from their site, where they have kindly uploaded it for this purpose.

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I guess we should ask Numata permission if we can use it for SuttaCentral if we want to have this translation on the site? Do you have an email address?

Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I thought it was implied that we are talking about translations we can use for the site.

From the latest information I have from Numata, they do not want anyone using their material.

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