📣 Complete German translations of Saṁyutta Nikāya and Itivuttaka

Following up on the announcement here, @Sabbamitta Silashin has completed her translation of the Saṁyutta Nikaya into German language. Additionally, now her translation of the Itivuttaka is also complete.

Because the translations are done using SuttaCentral’s Bilara translation software, these new texts can be viewed in parallel with the Pali language.

She has also translated Bhante Sujato’s introductory essay for the SN into German. It can be found here.

And as if all this work wasn’t enough, Venerable has been reporting any inconsistencies or errors in the English translation into the various correction threads here on D&D. It’s no small act of generosity to do this in the midst of the difficult work of translation.

We rejoice in all of your merit! May you quickly attain Nibbāna!


Congratulations on all your amazing work!


Thank you for the kind announcement, Bhante @Snowbird.

Just a little tip for German speaking users: If you set the website language on SuttaCentral to German it’s much easier to see what exists in German translation. For example the top of the page https://suttacentral.net/sn would then look like this:

:smile: This is just a byproduct of the translation. When I notice something, it’s not a big deal to report it.

Thanks so much to the SuttaCentral team for providing all the technical conditions that are so helpful in making the Buddha’s teaching more accessible for German speakers! :pray:


I wonder if folks are aware of any German language Buddhist internet forums that should also get announcements of this valuable work? Anyone familiar with any?


Sadhu! Sadhu! Sabbamitta, you are a true friend of all of us, may your work shine long!