📣 German translation of SN 35 (Saḷāyatanasaṁyutta ) by Sabbamitta Silashin

Very happy to announce that our own @Sabbamitta Silashin has completed her German translation of Saṁyutta Nikāya 35, Saḷāyatanasaṁyutta, Verbundene Lehrreden über die sechs Sinnesfelder (Linked Discourses on the Six Sense Fields).

This is especially good news because Ven. @sabbamitta is using SuttaCentra’s own translation platform, Bilara, to do this work. That means that unlike the older, legacy German translations on SC, these new ones allow for the display of the original Pāli language segment by segment with the German.

For folks who are not aware, one of the special features of the Bilara software is that it recognizes similar segments of the text that are identical and can offer suggestions based on the translations already in the system. She mentioned how this aids translation in a thread elsewhere:

Of course it is still up to the translator to review the suggestions, but it makes the work quicker and more consistent. Big thanks to @Blake and others for thier work on Bilara!

To track all of Sabbamitta Silashin’s translations, visit the website, dhammaregen.github.io


Wonderful work!

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!


Thank you so much for announcing, Bhante @Snowbird!

I’d like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who are instrumental in making all this possible!

  • First of all there’s of course Bhante @sujato who provides the English translation on which I mostly rely, and the SuttaCentral team who supports us translators in many ways, like @blake who built this incredible translation tool Bilara, @carmi and @HongDa, and more.
  • Then there’s @karl_lew who encouraged me even before I started with the translation project and has provided much technical support before Bilara was ready to use, and still keeps supporting me with technical advise and fruitful discussions while we work together on ways to present the Suttas to those with weaker eyes.
  • And there is @Olivia who helps me with proofreading, and some others who give some valuable feedback here or there.

A great THANK YOU to you all! :pray: :heart: I see so much reason for gratitude in my life, and this certainly outweighs by far any trouble that circumstances may provide.

May the fruit of this work be helpful to many! It certainly is to me, for a start …


Vielen Dank, Ayya Sabbamitta!

Ihre Arbeit ist eine Inspiration.

:pray: :pray: :pray: