"Death to the Beast": a real thing that exists

Just happened across the following function in the SC source code:

deathToTheBeast() {
    const inputText = this.inputElement.innerHTML;
    let outputText = '';
    if (inputText.indexOf('ṃ') > -1 || inputText.indexOf('Ṃ') > -1) {
      outputText = inputText.replace(/ṃ/g, 'ṁ').replace(/Ṃ/g, 'Ṁ');
    } else {
      outputText = inputText.replace(/ṁ/g, 'ṃ').replace(/Ṁ/g, 'Ṃ');
    this.inputElement.innerHTML = outputText;

Yep, that’s what it’s called: Death to the Beast. What does it do? Changes ṃ to ṁ when you press alt + m. Thanks, Blake!


Eh, yes. I made that! I know Blake made the original one on the legacy site but I made this one.
Also reported here:


let metta = lives.reduce((suffering,life,i)=> :heart: , craving);


If i may intrepret the statement:

  1. craving is the initial suffering
  2. :heart: is the result of applying metta to the accumulated suffering from previous lifes in current life
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And “i” is useless :grin:

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get replaced.moment.to.moment. . . :laughing:

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Whaat, I missed that, too conditioned to see ‘i’ as real rather than imaginary

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