Download EPUBs not working

The links to get a download of suttas in EPUB format in the Downloads section of the site (SuttaCentral) doesn’t work. There are (at least?) two past threads mentioning this issue.

I’m wanting to create some personal printouts of sutta collections and would love to have this issue fixed.

Looking at the Github repo, my suspicion is that this is an issue with some scripts that assemble the EPUBs.


Hi @Stian … welcome to the forum! I hope it provides inspiration and useful dhamma resources.

The epub downloads not working is a known issue and was reported in January last year and again seven months later. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

A work-around is to download them from the Reading Faithfully web site where they are available for free download.

You may also be interested in having a look at this thread which provides more background to the creation of the Epubs.


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