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Refuge Revisited – Deepening Commitment to a Wakeful Life
Online Retreat, 21-23 August

Starts: Friday, August 21st at 7 pm (CEST)
Ends: Sunday, August 23rd at 5 pm (CEST)


Ayya Anopama and Deanna Burkett will offer an online retreat, including Insight Dialogue, on the weekend 21-23 August 2020, hosted by Tilorien Monastery’s iSangha.


The global pandemic has confronted many of us with the truths of impermanence and suffering. This experience has also revealed places of unreliable, unexamined refuge: our career, physical health, daily routines, social relationships and our expectations for the future. Many of us have been directly confronted with the loss of these things which has challenged our deep conditioning to seek security in these ways of being in the world.

As we are seemingly returning, post lock-down, to things that feel familiar and safe, how do we remember, in a skillful and supportive way, that these places are not true refuges? How do we remain present and committed to live in ways that support awakening and an ease of heart in the face of ongoing uncertainty and suffering?

In this retreat, we will propose to take refuge in three precious qualities: Awareness, Compassion and Wisdom. Through the practices of silent meditation and Insight Dialogue, we will cultivate and explore these qualities as refuges which can support us in times of difficulty and joy and do not require that life returns to ‘normal’.

About Insight Dialogue

Insight Dialogue is a relational meditation practice designed to help us be awake in our everyday lives. It brings together meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha and the power of relationship, to support the development of liberating insight and compassion while investigating present moment experience.

Ayya Anopama has extensive meditation experience with a number of well-known teachers and has been sharing the Dhamma in various settings internationally. To find out more, go to:

Deanna Burkett was introduced to meditation while attending a month-long Yoga Teacher Training Intensive at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She has been meditating since 2007 and going on annual silent meditation retreat since 2008. The felt experience of the body is central to her meditation practice and is an orienting factor in her practice and facilitation of Insight Dialogue. Deanna is a masters-level mental health professional, Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, and Kripalu Yoga teacher. She has been facilitating MBSR groups since 2013, and teaching meditation for SMART Recovery, supporting meeting participants in recovery from addiction. She has trained as an Insight Dialogue facilitator and is currently studying Somatic Experiencing (SE).

Time of Retreat: The retreat starts on Friday 19.00 and ends on Sunday 17.00 (CEST)
2020-08-21T17:00:00Z2020-08-23T15:00:00Z (click here for a detailed schedule).

Prerequisites: prior meditation experience. This can include a consistent silent/solitary meditation practice or prior experience with mindfulness or meditation courses and retreats. Participants are asked to commit to participating for the entire retreat.

Limited Space: Due to the nature of online practice there is a limited number of places available. People will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Registration: Please complete the “Refuge Revisited” registration from (you will receive a confirmation email upon submission; if this doesn’t arrive, please check your junk mail and if it isn’t there, get in touch with using Tilorien’s contact page) .

Dana: This retreat is offered out of generosity. If you feel moved to engage in this circle of generosity and would like to support the facilitators and Tilorien Monastery in spreading the Dhamma you can make a donation by following this link and stating “Online Retreat: Refuge”:

For more information about Tilorien Monastery and the iSangha, see: and

For more information about Insight Dialogue, see:


Ajahn Brahmali's 'Four Noble Truths retreat' moved online

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to move Ajahn Brahmali’s retreat online. Originally it was to take place in June in Belgium but will now take place from 25th November to 4th December online on Zoom at the Tilorien iSangha. Ajahn Brahmali has been so kind to offer the whole retreat online from Perth, including daily meditation instructions and Dhamma talks.


Those who were already registered for the original retreat that was to take place last June will automatically be offered a place for this online retreat. Further registration for this retreat will open in October 2020. So watch this space!


Bhante Sujato Metta Meditation series

In the last four weeks, we have started to re-publish a series of Dhamma talks on Metta Meditation on on Samita’s YouTube channel. A new part will be published every Friday.

In this 10-part series, Bhante Sujato describes in detail Ajahn Mahachatchai’s method of Metta Meditation. This course was given in Santi Forest Monastery over a period of 12 weeks during the 2007 monastic rains retreat.

It is the most detailed course of this method on the internet, brought with Bhante Sujato’s characteristic humor and deep understanding. This is a unique series that we wanted to highlight a bit more because it was very hard to find between other materials on the internet.


Death meditation with Ven. Vimala

Date: 1st September 2020

  • In English: 18.00-19.00 CEST

  • In German: 19.30-20.30 CEST

On the death anniversary of her mother, Ven. Vimala will offer a death meditation in her honor.
Death is a natural part of life. Everything that comes into being must also one day pass away, but we can look back at the good times we had together while it lasted with great gratitude for how the relationship has enriched us. Ven. Vimala will lead a skeleton meditation and reflect on the impermanence of life and death, to guide us on our journey through life.

If you are registered at our iSangha already you can simply take part on the regular Zoom link. If not, you can do so on our iSangha page: iSangha – Tilorien Monastery


Dhamma Contemplation Group with Gregory Kramer

We are very happy to announce that Gregory Kramer, the founding teacher and author of " Dharma Contemplation: Meditating Together with Wisdom Texts ", has agreed to facilitate a session of our Tilorien iSangha Dhamma Contemplation group on Monday 14th September from 19.30-21.00 CEST.

The Dhamma Contemplation group is based on the methods as described in Gregory’s book.


Gregory Kramer teaches, writes, and is the founding teacher of the Insight Dialogue Community. His primary focuses are sharing a relational understanding of the Dhamma and teaching Insight Dialogue, an interpersonal form of Buddhist insight meditation. He also developed Dharma Contemplation, a text-based contemplation practice. He has been teaching worldwide since 1980. For more, visit

If you would like to take part in the Dhamma Contemplation group, please register on our iSangha page: iSangha – Tilorien Monastery

After the Dhamma Contemplation session, Gregory has kindly offered to stay on until 21.30 CEST to answer questions with regards to Dharma Contemplation and Insight Dialogue.

There is also the intention to start an Insight Dialogue group starting in the second half of September. More information will be announced on our website and Facebook page closer to the time. If you are interested, you can sign up via the iSangha contact form stating ‘Insight Dialogue Peer Group’ to be informed once the date is confirmed.


Death meditation with Ven. Vimala is now on Youtube

See the announcement at post #4 for context:

Thank you for posting the link. I was very sad to have been unable to participate the day of the event.