Feature request: make the settings cog/sutta card sticky

Yesterday we had our first sutta discussion on SOTP Discord using the new translations. We did MN60 and the response was excellent. Everyone loved the new translation and also thought that the side-by-side and line-by-line Pāḷi was brilliant.

One problem we did experience was that we had to scroll all the way to the top of the sutta to click the settings cog, whereas in the past it would snap to the top and just a minor scroll up would bring access to the ‘draw’ without losing our place.

Would it be possible to have the info, cog and sutta card icons somehow sticky to the top of the screen or appear with a slight scroll up?

Once again much appreciation for your hard work. We also loved that it’s now easy to link to a specific paragraph in a sutta. So we can pick up next week where we left off.



Quite agree! This is probably top of my list of things I decided not to mention yet while the awesomely awesome dev team tackle more pressing post-launch mop up and perhaps, even do something crazy, like catch a breath! :smiley:


Well, the idea was that in most cases people would want to set the TI “cog” settings only occasionally; you set it how you like, and it is fairly persistent. We didn’t envisage that people would be wanting to frequently reset them in one session. Even if you want to redo them in one session, scrolling back to the top is not that arduous, and anyway, it only really matters in longer suttas.

I’m still not entirely convinced that there’s a need to change this, but I’ll bear it in mind. It wouldn’t be too hard to put them in a “tab bar”, similar to the tab bar found on the static pages. Aminah, you’re most welcome to put it on a nicetohave ticket if you like.


It’s not incredibly arduous, but the sort of thing that I might be doing is reading a sutta in translation. Then I think “I wonder what that word has been translated as XXXX?”. So I would like to turn on the side-by-side Pali to check, but then turn it off to continue reading.

Or I might have the text info turned on so I can keep track of where I am, or because I want to be able to generate a link to a particular paragraph. But then I might want to copy a couple of paragraphs, so I want to turn off the info so that the text is clean…


That’s exactly how I used the old site

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Fair enough, and like I said we may take a look at it.

But for the first case you mention, would it not be better to simply enable the popup view for English texts? That’s what it’s for!

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Ha! I don’t know how to drive the site properly… :laughing:

The popup is cool, but one can’t look up individual Pali words in the popup… :cry:

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It’s always more satisfying to imagine how people use stuff. :smiling_imp:

Of course, I can’t say anything for ‘most people’, but in my own case, despite not having had a chance to play with the site a great deal yet, I’ve already run into enough occasions for this to be quite annoying and have drifted into the happy thought bubble of skipping hand-in-hand with Old Site where I could get the info I wanted without losing time, my place in the given sutta and bone from my scrolling finger.


ok making a request in a rush and maybe it is the op or not, but i want the i:information_source: button to show not just the publication details but that summary i see on the sutta card. ok bye. :slight_smile:

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