Gair & Karunatillake's 'A New Course in Reading Pāli'

This is a general thread for people who are studying A New Course in Reading Pāli.
The book is available for purchase from Amazon and BookDepository.

During the Summer of 2020, @Stephen Sas, a long time Pali student of Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi conducted a series of 19 classes to lead students from the basic grammar to read simple Sutta in Pali. The BAUS Pali Level 1 webpage holds all Stephen’s material from this course ,with G&K chapters 1-4 presented in videos #7 - #17.)

Earlier, between January 2014 to August 2015, Bhikkhu Bodhi taught this series of Pali classes. BAUS presents this as Pali Level 2. Here there are 53 audio recordings by Bhikkhu Bodhi that cover the whole book and some support material. They are also available here on the Internet Archive, where there is also audio of the exercises.

Below are links to specific chapter threads. Please place discussion, links etc in the appropriate place. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
End material


There are a number of people who reached chapter five together, following Steven’s classes live.

@DanR: do join in. I made the chapter threads in parallel hoping that we’d attract more learners. :smiley: If those of us who are up to chapter 3 or 5 can answer any questions you may have we’ll be glad to do so.

I’m a bit behind the main group because I dislocated the shoulder of my dominant hand round about the end of chapter 3. The shock, the sling, the painkillers all worked against intelligent learning.


Can someone explain how to download these audio files to a Mac please?

Click VBR mp3> download 50 files ( or individually)> you should get a zip file. Double click on that and a folder should be created with the contents

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It didn’t work last time. Will try again. :smiley:

You can use the terminal too if you like.

Go to your Mac Terminal ->


unzip ~/Downloads/

It should extract it in your downloads folder ( assuming u saved the file there)

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Thanks for the reassurance that I was doing the right thing … modem problem, downloading at snail’s pace now. :smiley:

… Nope, it took 2 hours and then said “Failed”… guess I’ll have to try the files I want one by one tomorrow. is a truly wonderful thing, but it is also has a pretty clunky interface!

You might try going to this page:

Then you can download individual .mp3 files from their links. So for instance this link should take you to the first file:

Here are direct links to all of the mp3s:

  1. Pali 01 Lesson I Lecture 1.mp3
  2. Pali 02 Lesson I Lecture 2.mp3
  3. Pali 03 Lesson I Lecture 3.mp3
  4. Pali 04 Lesson I Lecture 4.mp3
  5. Pali 05 Lesson I Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  6. Pali 06 Lesson I Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  7. Pali 07 Lesson II Lecture 5.mp3
  8. Pali 08 Lesson II Lecture 6.mp3
  9. Pali 09 Lesson II Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  10. Pali 10 Lesson II Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  11. Pali 11 Lesson III Lecture 7.mp3
  12. Pali 12 Lesson III Lecture 8.mp3
  13. Pali 13 Lesson III Lecture 9.mp3
  14. Pali 14 Lesson III Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  15. Pali 15 Lesson III Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  16. Pali 16 Lesson IV Lecture 10.mp3
  17. Pali 17 Lesson IV Lecture 11.mp3
  18. Pali 18 Lesson IV Lecture 12.mp3
  19. Pali 19 Lesson IV Lecture 13.mp3
  20. Pali 20 Lesson IV Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  21. Pali 21 Lesson IV Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  22. Pali 22 Lesson V Lecture 14.mp3
  23. Pali 23 Lesson V Lecture 15.mp3
  24. Pali 24 Lesson V Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  25. Pali 25 Lesson V Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  26. Pali 26 Lesson VI Lecture 16.mp3
  27. Pali 27 Lesson VI Lecture 17.mp3
  28. Pali 28 Lesson VI Lecture 18.mp3
  29. Pali 29 Lesson VI Lecture 19.mp3
  30. Pali 30 Lesson VI Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  31. Pali 31 Lesson VI Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  32. Pali 32 Lesson VII Lecture 20.mp3
  33. Pali 33 Lesson VII Lecture 21.mp3
  34. Pali 34 Lesson VII Lecture 22.mp3
  35. Pali 35 Lesson VIII Lecture 23.mp3
  36. Pali 36 Lesson VIII Lecture 24.mp3
  37. Pali 37 Lesson VIII Lecture 25.mp3
  38. Pali 38 Lesson VIII Lecture 26.mp3
  39. Pali 39 Lesson IX Lecture 27.mp3
  40. Pali 40 Lesson IX Lecture 28.mp3
  41. Pali 41 Lesson IX Lecture 29.mp3
  42. Pali 42 Lesson IX Lecture 30.mp3
  43. Pali 43 Lesson X Lecture 31.mp3
  44. Pali 44 Lesson X Lecture 32.mp3
  45. Pali 45 Lesson X Lecture 33.mp3
  46. Pali 46 Lesson X Lecture 34.mp3
  47. Pali 47 Lesson XI Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  48. Pali 48 Lesson XI Recital of Further Readings.mp3
  49. Pali 49 Lesson XII Recital of Initial Readings.mp3
  50. Pali 50 Lesson XII Recital of Further Readings.mp3

Looks like these are also available on YouTube:


Thank you very much Pat. That was very helpful. Hopefully it will assist others too.

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If it keeps failing your best bet (and much easier than downloading one file at a time) would be to use the accompanying BitTorrent file. Just click here:

If you don’t already have a BitTorrent program on your computer, get uTorrent for Mac. It’s only about 11 MB.

After installing the program use it to open the above file. It will look like this:

Deselect everything except the top two items and click the OK button.

Screen Shot 2

After that nothing can really go wrong. Even if your connection should cut out (as mine does all the time) the program will just carry on where it left off when the connection comes back again.


Sorry, a correction…

Unless you want a gigabyte of audio files with the same content in several different formats, you will need to click on the arrow to the left of “New Pali Course MP3”. Then select the files in your preferred format from the dropdown menu.

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 15.59.40

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@khagga gave a link to the course on YouTube and these resources were listed on that video:

Lectures (Bhikkhu Bodhi):…

Coursebook (James Gair and W.S. Karunatilleke):…

Exercises and Answers (John Kelly):…

Pali Grammatical Tables (Bhikkhu Nyanatusita):…

The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary:…


I ran across this page with photos of James Gair and W.S. Karunatillake and I felt compelled to share them:

Unfortunately both have passed away, but I like to imagine that they are looking on with some happiness to see our dedication to their book in the picture below!


Thanks for the pictures, nice to see the spirit of their long collaboration and friendship still alive in us students working through their book.:pray:t3:

(A tin of Maliban cheese bits And a kerosine lamp! brings back memories )


I must ask… what is Maliban cheese?


She said “Maliban cheese bits” not “Maliban cheese”.


Small biscuits @Ficus ? (“Small crackers” to you @khagga I guess. :wink: )

They are indeed lovely photos: two collaborators working together through the years, from kerosene lamp to desktop computer.


I PM’d @khagga about this in case we end up sidetracked :cookie::cheese::smile: but since I don’t want to leave people in suspense…

I’m not sure how much cheese was in them though, but they were addictive.