Getting Aguttara english text files

Hello Sutta Central Bhante,

I am looking for a copy of the text of the entire An.
I will be making rough computer readings.
I have permission from Microsoft for NC use and posting on Networks.

Please send me a link to the file so I do not need to download each english translation separately.
Is this from the pts or your own translations?

I have a very very rough draft of ocr scan of pts suttas.
Do you have this? If not, would you like copy?
It was from m. olds (your pal–but probably the anonymous donor who liberated the mula texts from pts.
I am not sure if I am the only one who has this or not or if your translations are from this or not.

(btw… nice forum… same as ubuntu mate…what software is it?)

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Hi venerable,

Very nice to hear from you!

We don’t have a full translation of the Anguttara Nikaya on SuttaCentral in English, unfortunately. Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation is owned by Wisdom Publications, who refuse to let it be available for free. The old translation from the PTS is, however, available on Mike Olds’ website.

I have completed my own translation of the Anguttara, but it needs revision. Hopefully it will be published early next year.

As for the offer of scans, thanks, but I have them already.

This is Discourse. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

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I have found a link for the pdf’s you spoke about(strange… they show an image, but the text is extractable). He’s been wirk’en.

Are your sutta translations (for what you have) available in an all in one file for AN (and others)
Your files may be easier to render for voice reading.
Although I like to read footnote/commy/abhidhamma notes… it does not work well with computer readings. (I know much of what they usually say by now anyway, but not always).

If I have to download them all individually, the pdf’s mentioned above on obo site is ok. I will need to do each page individually. Just seeing if anything has been done already to save time.

Would you be interested in an upload of computer readings (fairly rough). Computer readings are sort of cool for the Dhamma. I feel that an unemotional reading makes it seem so much like the absolute truth, which is nice for hearing. I used Microsoft David. There should be no licensing issues for nc posting. I have it in writing somewhere.

Bhikkhu Subhuti

DIscourse (a nice name too). It is really nice, but burns mb on us living in Asian countries. But again… you do not get niceness for free mb.
It is surely the gmail of discussion. sw.

You can perform OCR on the images, this embeds plain text in the PDF so it can be searched and so on.

They will be when ready.

Not really, to be honest. I use computer readings of texts myself, for proo reading, and I’d imagine it’s better for someone to do it locally if they want. A good human reading would be excellent, though!

Unfortunately, yes, the page size is greater than that of older forums. Sorry!

Need to reply during my night package (!).
OK… The pts versison is not so bad.
I did about 100 pages so far from the first book.

You should save your computer readings and put them on the download page.
You should experiment with the response. I personally (believe it or not) like computer readings more. Apple has better voices than microsoft. I am not sure about the license for Apple.
Here is the permission from Microsoft.

Here is a sample