Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

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My ignorance must
shock those versed in EBTs.
I apologise.

Nikaya Puritanism

Very Clever Haiku :rofl: :thinking: :joy:


Mastery is mine
Just buy my snake-oil guidance
Awake - guaranteed!


I’m copying this back over here, to make sure no haiku-lover misses it.

Of course the associated non-haikus were pretty cool too:

@karl_lew I have a Mara-inspired urge to edit you last line, tho if ‘twit’ is pronounced in you dialect with 2 syllables ‘t-wit’ I’m completely out of court and apologise immediately.

This nonsensical verse,
dare I disperse?
Or abide with mute wit,
and still be a twit.

Of course

MN96:8.3: …They refrain from using speech that’s false, divisive, harsh, or nonsensical…

And now - for one time only - I can like my own post: on the ground that its substantive content is all quoted from others. :rofl:


Long live mischievous moods! :man_cartwheeling: :woman_cartwheeling:

And I, stilled, will still be a twit.


A mod in a mood
Should be avoided at all
Costs. Take cover Karl!


Buddhism for fun
and profit can save the world:
Wisdom 2.0


Forcing stillness and
philosophy as a brand.
Alas, the ethics?


@Khemarato.bhikkhu @Charlotteannun

Samsara horror!
from fires to new age gurus
Get me out of here!


:dharmawheel: :relieved:


Too much syncretism. It’s really sucks… :expressionless:


Say it in a haiku :slight_smile:

with much metta :sunflower:


and of you?
Should you haiku too?



Mindfulness for sale;
Cultural imperials
“We’ll do it better!”


Brahmins all the time…
Grateful to the Perfected
who revealed the Path.

Every spring, flowers
and weeds. Many life forms feed
on the best they find.



Spring to mind, I see
From doubt, that escape


what is the starting
point of wholesome states? Virtue… Then
foster mindfulness

Appologies, if appropriate, to Venrable Sir Bhikkhu Bodhi for “foster”. Needed it for the meter.


My first haiku in life:

Ripples of craving
Eyes burn staring at the sun
Sound of quenching flames


Maybe not the best time to make a haiku, but it came to me in meditation. :joy:

Also thanks everyone for your wonderful haikus, gave me a lot of smiles, reflections and as you can see, inspiration. :slight_smile: :anjal:


I heard it like this –
Sāti from the riverbank –
“This very same mind.”


Sitting, haiku springs
Unbidden but welcome
Quenched that fire now gone


Are you doing Amitāyur visualization or is staring at the sun an EBT thing too?

It’s very dangerous, you have to make sure you are very unattached to vision and sight.