How can I get the ePub books that are on the Download page


I tried to download Ajahn Sujato´s nikaya translations. They are available on the Download page.

But the download does not work. I get the “there is a problem with the server” report.

Is there any other way I could get them? I am running a Buddhist project in the Czech Republic. Perhaps we could translate some of those texts into the Czech language.



@Snowbird hosts epub versions - [edit] see below.


This is probably a better link to share:


Bhante @sujato, is there some reason this can’t be removed from the downloads page until it gets fixed? Seems like bad UX to have broken functionality like this for so long.


@stu Wonderfull, thank you a lot :slight_smile:


You run a wonderfull service. I will use it to download the books. Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

@snowbird @sujato

Is there a way I could contact the devolepers? I would be interested to share with them some of my experience.

Sometimes, the top navbar on suddenly drops down and it interrupts my reading. I have found an easy way to control the behavior of the top navbar. It works on all of my websites very well.

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There are a bunch of threads to report typos, errors, and broken things. They love to hear about how people use the site.

If you can’t find a good thread, just start a new one in the Dev category.

Sorry guys the epubs are broken. Basically we wanted to fix and upgrade them, but other things have been a priority. We should fix the links, at least!

At the moment we’re in a transition to fully enable the site localization, so I’m reluctant to touch any of these files until that process is complete.

The good news is, getting EPUBs and other publication options working again is our top priority for next year.

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Thank you for pointing me to the right direction. It is time for me to explore another part of this forum.

Thank you all for replying to my questions.