How does the new format work?

I accessed Sutta Central today to find out that there were some modifications/changes made.

In the old version, I could clearly see the list of the Suttas in their order. But in the new version I cant see that but instead, they appear randomly.

Has Sutta Central taken down some of its content? Or have the functions become more sophisticated where I do not know how to access the content properly?

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The list of suttas is in the sidebar on the left:

The new site has more content like various English translations.
It is a bit difficult for me to judge what you actually see and what is going on so if you still have issues, please upload a screenshot of the problem.

  1. Couldn’t do sutta searching prior to login like previous version .
    e.g. search SA 294 didn’t direct
    to the page
  2. How to search sutta after logon ?
  3. Tried to click on the sutta number appears on some thread but seems not directing to the sutta page .
    (e.g. click SA 294)
  4. Could not see the logout button using mobile version .

Gene, I’m not sure what you’re describing. There is no login on the SuttaCentral site. Are you talking about this forum?

Nothing has changed in terms of the functionality of this forum, just the styling.

External links to the main SuttaCentral are currently broken, we are working to fix this.

As for the logout button problem, we will look into it, it is probably a bug with the new styling. But do you really need to log out? Normally you’d just leave it and it should be okay. I can’t think of a reason to log out.


Bhante ,

How should I describe , at the main page as screenshot by Vimala ,
There is a search function , e.g.searching for SA 294 , it doesn’t direct straight to the sutta page of SA 294 .

Yes, the search is not working properly yet. We are working on it.

See also this thread:

The best way to get to a sutta is going through the menu.

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Thanks Gene, I understand now.

If you know the ID for a sutta, by far the fastest and most effective way to get to that sutta is simply to write it in the URL. Search engines are optimized for searching text, not exact numbers.

Nevertheless, if you use the search engine currently and write the ID without spaces, it will give you the result you want.

It is harder to do this if spaces are included. For example how is a computer supposed to know that “an” means “Anguttara Nikaya”, not the English word “an”? Still, we will try to make this work as well as we can.


Thanks bhante , Vimala , btw how to take screenshot like above by Vimala and paste it here ? I’m not familiar with using smart functionality .

Most keyboards have a “prt sc” button, usually on the top row. Otherwise you’ll have to see how it’s done for your system, as they differ.

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If it uses the convention of quotation marks, it should be able to search for the string “AN 54.3” or whatever. Since that is a widely known and used convention, it could be quite intuitive to implement that perhaps?

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Indeed, that is a good point. Blake is working on improving the search right now, and I will suggest he implements “quotes for literal strings”.

With these things, of course, it really depends on the internals of how the search engine is set up. On the main site, we use elasticsearch (based on Lucene), which is a very powerful piece of kit, but it can’t do everything.


Fantastic! This will be invaluable - searching the Pāli for specific strings is very important for research for many people I am sure. Certainly for me, searching for all occurences of specific expressions or phrases, for example.

I think that search capabilities are one of the most valuable potential things about Suttacentral. To have a place where not only the material is available, but also searchable in a variety of ways, should turn it into the place to come for researching the Pāli. Even more so now that the Pāli Reader is not longer supported by Firefox, and is so complex to try to set up with old versions and so on…

By the way there is another strange thing with Firefox on Mac on this forum. Sometimes command+F opens the normal Firefox search function, allowing one to search for terms on the page. But sometimes it opens the website’s search function which acts differently. I have not worked out what exact conditions make it do one rather than the other, but my intention is always to make it use the Firefox search function, since I regularly use that. It seems strange to make that keyboard shortcut have a different function on this website. It means I find myself going manually to the Firefox ‘edit menu’ to click ‘find’ so that I can use Firefox’s function.

Or maybe there is some reason for this which I am unfamiliar with…

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Discourse loads posts just in time and this is the reason that on longer threads (>10 posts) Ctrl+F is hijacked to invoke Discourse search which searches through the entire thread.

You can override this behaviour by pressing Ctrl+F twice but then you only get search results for posts loaded on page and not for the entire thread!


Hm, maybe you are showing your friend the D&D platform on her smartphone and log in the site only to find out you can not log out. Ever. Yes, even closing the tab, closing the browser or restarting the phone doesn’t work (I have actually encountered this bug in action).

Fortunately the bug comes with the new material design: after selecting mobile view from the hamburger menu the scrollbars in the hamburger drop-down and in the avatar drop-down disappear. And with them the option to logout and to switch back to desktop view.

@anon85245511 Workaround is to switch to legacy theme, set the desktop view back on and then logout from the avatar menu.


Hi @anon85245511,
Were you able to find a solution for screenshots? If not, what operating system and browser are you using?

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Thank you all here for helping each other!
Has anybody tried how the D&D site looks on the iOS or Android apps?

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D&D looks really good on my tablet using the Android app. The only issue I’ve encountered so far I mentioned already and has since been fixed.

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Hi music ,

Thanks , switched to legacy , back to usual . Logout at the bottom .

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Hi acon ,
Thanks , found someone to assist , solved .


Hi and I hope everyone is fine and happy. As long as I see the new site is awesome, congratulations and thank you so much to the developers, contributors and supporters. :pray: