Is there an option of dowloading a pdf/epub file of Kuddhaka Nikaya texts?

I couldn’t find any option for downloading Kuddhaka Nikaya texts other than Therigatha and Theragatha. Are there any of the other ones available somewhere?
Thank you

Khuddaka Nikaya is huge, includes Dhammapada, Udana, Suttanipata, Vimanavatthu, Petavatthu, Apadana, Buddhavamsa, Cariyapitaka, Jataka, Mahaniddesa, Culaniddesa, Patisambhida magga, Itivuttaka, Theragatha and Therigatha in Sri Lankan tradition and Thai tradition. Myanmar tradition contains Nettipakarana, Petakopadesa, and Milindapanha too.

I don’t think there is one complete translation of every texts with one book. But rather splitting here and there into different translation works.

You can download translation pdf for Dhammapada, Udana, Itivuttaka, Vimanavatthu, Petavatthu and Patisambhida magga, available free with Google search. The rest I wasn’t sure. Suttanipata, if you want, you can buy the hardcover book Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation. Or you can just use Suttacentral.

Hi @anon72036881 . I was trying to find Bikkhu Sujato’s translation of the Dhammapada as an epub or pdf. It seems that it is not available, though.

I don’t think Bhante Sujato translated the Dhammapada yet, for other translations in epub or pdf see:

It’s actually here online: SuttaCentral

There has been some discussion about automatic production of Epubs, PDFs, etc from Sutta Central:


I’ve just created this file with the whole Dhammapada text translated by Bikkhu Sujato. I hope it might be useful for somebody else. I’ve numbered the verses so as to facilitate comparison with other translations.
Let me know if it is inappropriate or okay to share documents like this. I’ve added all the info about the text on the second page.

The Dhammapada _translation by Bikkhu Sujato.pdf (383.7 KB)

great. Thanks @mikenz66 . It would be good if those features would be added to the website. It’s useful to have both the website version of the texts and a simple pdf or printed version for study and contemplation while offline.
The one I’ve uploaded above was done manually, formating it verse by verse.

Hey Luis and all, thanks for your interest!

This comes under the “publications” project that is slated to start Q1 2022. Check out the the first item, and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Sorry, Luis. To be frank, I don’t use Bhikkhu Sujato’s translation at all. So, I don’t know about it.

There are already some excellent versions of complete translation that were made freely available to Buddhist communities, just put it here for you to download. If you want to read, please download them. It is free and complete version. Let me know if the links did not work.

  1. Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thera

  2. Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu
    Dhammapada Home Page

  3. Daw Mya Tin, M.A.
    The Dhammapada: Verses and Stories
    (Only online reading)

Hi, Venerable.
I’m not familiar with GitHub, so it took me a while to understand where the projects were. It all looks wonderful! You’re even including audiobooks and printed books for free distribution.
Suttacentral is doing an amazing job in making the EBTs more broadly available!
Under “Projects and People” the four Nikayas are listed as an example for a translation project. I didn’t see any mention of the Kuddhaka Nikaya. It would be nice to see all the suttas from Kuddhaka Nikaya that are EBTs together in this project of generating e-books, audiobooks, etc.
Thank you so much and congratulations for all the good work!!!

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These are all in the pipeline, updates soon.

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