K&R Course resources all in one place

Hi all,

a few of us have been working on an ‘archive’ style website for dhamma studies, and the first course that we have archived is the Karma & Rebirth course. You can find it at:

Any comments, questions or criticisms gratefully received. You can either use the facebook community or google+ pages (links located in the top right hand corner of the website), or you can send me a private message here. I will be offline for several weeks from today, but I will respond when I return.

Hope you like it so far.


Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu :anjal:

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Just wish to add that Stuart is planning to include Pali courses by Bhikkhu Bodhi (already got permission) and Sutta courses on Bhikkhunis by Venerable Analayo (already got permission, as well). And of course, teachings by Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahmali.

So, comments are highly appreciated.

With mega metta,



Hello Stuart,

I have discussed this with Ajahn Brahmali and I will go over the recordings of the Pali classes that are given to the monks in Bodhinyana and edit them as need be. When they are done, you can use them for the website also. It might take some time for me to do the work.

With much metta,
Ayya Vimala


Oh thank-you so much Venerable. This is fantastic news. We would be very happy to host the Pali classes on

That is really wonderful, indeed!

Yes, we like it so far! Thank you.

Any chance you’ll be posting the 2013 Early Buddhism course? I can’t find the final workshops for this course (5 and 6) on youtube or BSWA. I’m finding it really valuable, as it covers different material than the K and R courses. If those are around, love to see them on here (or just a pointer where to find them!)


Hi @jesshaines,

You might find this useful:

It has links to all of the audio from the Early Buddhism 2013 course. I’m not sure what happened to the videos of the later workshops. If you find out where they are posted please let me know, and I’ll add the links to the index.

Wisdom and Wonders has taken a back seat at the moment while we are helping out with the Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project in the UK.


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what a beautiful job you have done!

So nicely laid out and really easy to use.
and pretty too.

lovely! well done!


Hi Stu,

I have listened to all the recordings from Ajahn Brahmali’s pali classes using A.K. Warder’s Introduction to Pali, and have edited where needed. I will upload them to a google drive and share them with you so you can put them on the site whenever you have time. I have also included the declension tables and Ajahn’s key to exercises for as far as they are not in the book.
The book itself you can download here:

of buy a copy on Amazon: