Meaning of certain abbreviations in the footnotes of the Suttas

I have noticed in the Myanmar edition of the Tipitaka certain abbreviations like : sī. , syā. , kaṃ. , pī. , ka.
and also in the Thai edition another set of abbreviations like : Yu. , Po.

Can anyone mention what do they actually stand for ?

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Bhante Dhammanando just answered this question for you the first time you asked it. Why are you asking again?


Sorry, actually I did not receive a notification for this , so I thought it’d better to ask a question.


I believe this might be due to a notification bug. If I’m correct you shouldn’t recive notification for this reply/quote combo?

Edit: nope, I see you received a notification, but it is definitely missing in @arkaprava’s case. Will investigate further.


You have muted Is the Thai Tipitaka available in roman script?, and that was the reason you didn’t receive a notification on bhante’s reply there.

It’s best not to mute one’s own topics, especially when we ask questions and expect answers :wink:

On the positive side, not a bug after all :grin: