Mettā Sutta in Arabic

Thanks to our friend Ven @anon61506839 we have achieved the start of a long-held wish, to host suttas in Arabic. He translated the Metta Sutta, and you can see it here:

Ven, please let us know if we’d made any mistakes!


Bhante is this the first time someone translate suttas in Arabic?

There were probably some translations done in history:

But apart from this, i believe it is.


Very happy! :O)

This is really wonderful. There isn’t a single problem with the text. And the fact that it gets published immediately is also immediately rewarding! Sādhu for SC team and all contributors to this. I hope the conditions will come about for me to be able to produce more translations soon. So much merit and benefit to the whole world when we make the smallest contribution to make available and accessible the words of the Awakened One. Who knows what far-reaching effects, of benevolence, a translation like this may bring forth - though it is already a great merit and gain, if only one individual reads it and attends with faith to its message.

Lucky is he who
in this world
strengthens within himself
the impulse of giving.
Become lavish,
without restraint,
in the practice of giving,
until one shall even forget
one’s own name!



Bhante, I would like to suggest you to consider translating the short yet powerful AN10.2 / AN11.2

I am sure that if these are among the first suttas an Arab-speaking individual interested in Buddhism were to read the benefits would be great!

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Many thanks, friend Gabriel, for the suggestions. Please do post more suggestions. In fact this is important. Because I am already collecting info from others about which suttas they have found interesting, informative, inspiring, etc instead of committing only to my own preferences in selecting which suttas to begin with. :slight_smile:

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I think we should translate Anatta Lakhana Sutta to Arabic.
I am sure this will put the cat among pigeons.

Hi SarathW1, just to clarify, you are referring to SN22.59, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Sadhu… :slight_smile:


This is a fascinating translation, on account of all of the cultural adaptions of what is otherwise the terminology of other religions/thought-traditions, etc.

I cannot read it fluently, but my partner is studying fuṣḥá & Lebanese vernacular (ammiya?), and reading your sutta translation was very interesting!


I’m glad to hear this. Many thanks.

Start at the very beginning? SN 56.11.

With metta

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I have created an Arabic Video on Metta Sutta which you translated. Link for the Video can be found here. If you can please translate Dhammapada in Arabic then I will make a video on that too. Message me personally that when you wish to do it. I wish you all the best ahead.

With regards,


Dear @Abhinav, this is wonderful! Thanks for your interest and effort.

Unfortunately I’ve been busy and haven’t time to do any translations at all! Dhammapada makes for an easy and smooth translation; but when the time finally comes I would probably be more focused with the prose of the Majjhima and verse of the Saņyutta and other books of the Khuddaka. It’s not a personal preference; it’s just the desperate attempt to bring together as much “concisely representative” survey of Dhamma (and also of Pali literature and language in general) as possible. While many people believe the Dhammapada does just that, I believe not!

But at leats now I can boast of having my translation on Youtube! Thanks.


How about picking up Ven. Nanatiloka selection ‘Word of the Buddha’ for your translation?
I have been working through Ajahn Brahm’s English retranslation and it’s a solid overview.


@Pasanna thanks a lot for the suggestion, I don’t know this work and will have a look on it. :blush:


Perhaps you will remember in history, as the first person to make a video on Buddha’s teaching into Arabic.


Dear dhammarakkhita,

May i know where you are from? I was just made aware of your work by a dhamma sister and im really happy to know that some of the pali suttas are being translated into arabic. I hope many arabic speakers who might not know how to read english would come in contact with the dhamma.

With metta.


Hi. I’m from Egypt. :sunrise_over_mountains: