One of the legacy.suttacentral links is broken

English translation link seem to lead to a gambling website on AN 2.5: Upaññāta - SuttaCentral

Other language translations seem to be working well.

This is known.

I know everyone has their reasons, but there is a brand new (well, now two years old) complete English translation on the current site. And so much much more.

Moreover, those English translations that are now unavailable on the old site were really bad.

Why is the legacy site even still running? Should it perhaps just be turned off (i.e. set it to redirect to the new site)?


What’s annoying about it is that when I search Google for a sutta on suttacentral (using the sutta number and “suttacentral”), the legacy site always come up first and sometimes it’s the only one that comes up.

Originally we kept it because the new site depends on emerging web standards that were not supported by all browsers (i.e. web components). That’s no longer true, since about 95% of browsers in use support web components.

The other reason is because some people prefer it, especially since it offers a much denser overview of parallels, which is intimidating and incomprehensible for less experienced users, but handy for experienced users.

I have a proposal to enable a similar view on the new SC:

We haven’t looked at this in detail, so I can’t say if it will actually happen; but I think it should be quite simple.

If this ends up making it to production, I think that would be a good time to end support for the legacy site.

Meanwhile, of course, all the code is open-source so if anyone really likes it, they can run it themselves.