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Continuing the discussion from Translated the preceding sentence of "The Savanampahaṃ":

There was some discussion about online Pali courses, I thought it deserved to be on its own thread. If you know of any other information, please add it here.

A better Pali Dictionary



Dear Bhante and all,

Here are links that I often use to reference Pāḷi words. They may not be actual courses but they maybe of some help.

Pāḷi to English:

English to Pāḷi :

with añjali and mettā,


This isn’t a course specifically, but in terms of support our friends over at Dhamma Wheel are fantastic for both answering questions and for providing resources in all aspects of the Dhamma but particularly in their Pali forum.


Dear all,

I just wanted to pass on a recommendation by @Piotr which he had given under a different topic (together with some very helpful other advise!):

I installed the “Digital Pāli Reader for Firefox” and I agree that it is a very helpfull tool! I just rememered this discussion and thought that the tool should definitely be on the list!

With much mettā,


Dear All,

There has been quite a bit of interest in the Pali course I teach at Bodhinyana, and I am working on making our recordings available to everyone. Unfortunately my IT skills are virtually non-existent and so I have to rely on others to help me. But hopefully we will have it up soon!

With metta.


Pāḷi Dictionary:
Pāḷi Dictionary(pdf):,1921-25,v1.pdf

Complete Pali-English Dictionary for Development of Interlinear Suttas
Complete Pali-English Dictionary for Development of Interlinear Suttas

Thank-you Bhante!


Dear Everyone,

Here are the access instructions to the recorded Pali classes at Bodhinyana Monastery from our inhouse Bodhinyana IT team:

You now have access to the Pali material stored on the Bodhinyana ownCloud. You will find the Bodhinyana ownCloud at:

User name: pali
Password: pali808 (please do not change the password, as this is a generic username and password for many downloaders - thanks)
(when you first enter, click the ‘Shared’ folder, to find the content)

Please, find a small HOW-TO guide, located in the ‘shared’ folder.

For the time being, we have some web security problems, so only the webpage version of Bodhinyana ownCloud is available. Using the ownCloud app for Android and iOS will not work.

There are also some problems with SSL certificates and Apple Macs that a couple of our Mac using friends have reported. Please let me know if you encounter that problem and try accessing OwnCloud via a Windows PC as a last resort. :-/

And please, give me some feedback - good or bad!

Kind regards,
Bhikkhu Khinabija
Acting Secretary
Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery

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Dear Ajahn Brahmali,

Thank you so very much for making this possible!

with respect and gratitude,



Thank you so much! I cannot seem to get it to download on my mac. I’ve tried several times (and different browsers) and it either does nothing and/or I get a message saying 'decompression failed". Not sure if this is a problem on my end or the problem you elude to with mac users.


Dear Ajahn,
Thanks so much for your kind effort for us.
Much Mettā,


Hello Linda, could you try on a Windows computer and let me know how you go please. It looks like it is Mac specific (like the SSL error we know about but that hasn’t been fixed yet)

A work around may be to download individual files (a pain but may get around the problem) If a number of files are selected for download (such as a whole folder or folders), the OwnCloud compresses them into a zip file. Not so with individual files.


Dear Bhante, thanks so much for your reply. On the weekend I will try to find a friend with a Windows computer. Meanwhile, could you tell me how I would find/access the individual files? I don’t mind downloading individual files, but all I see is the ‘shared’ folder and when I click on it, it just tries to unsuccessfully load the zipped file. I also tried clicking on ‘files’ in the left-hand box but same thing happens. I can’t find a way to see a list of individual files. (I’m not very computer literate so maybe I"m missing something obvious)



Dear Bhante K,

With your leave.

Dear Linda,

Please follow the steps below(windows system):

Logon: pali
Password: pali808

Once you are in, click on the “Shared” folder

Next, click on the “06-Pali Studies” folder

Now you can either click the available folders to open them or you can download the whole folder (see highlights)

This is the view when you open the folders. You can individually download the lessons as you wish.

Hope this helps you out :smile:

with añjali and mettā,



Dear Russ,
Thanks so much for your kind reply with directions. The problems I’m having seem to be because I’m using a non-windows system. However, today I was able to get to the individual files in the folder (which were not showing up yesterday, maybe due to the browser I was using). I am currently tying to download the first audio file, so I will let you know later if it works (it will take a very long time as we have a very slow internet connection).
With much metta,


Hi Linda,
I can just download the files and copy them onto a web-drive, from where you can download them! This seems to have worked last time, we exchanged some files. :smile:
With much mettā,

P.S.: Dear Bhante, thanks so much!!!


Dear Bhante, dear all,
I just downloaded the files and just had a quick check. Have all lessons been recorded? If I looked under

“Intro to Pali - AK Warder I - Ajahn Brahmali”

and see a file “Lesson 2 - 2012-12-20.mp3”, but a corresponding file for ‘Lesson 1’ seems missing. Has this not been recorded, or has this been deleted accidentially? How is this for the first people, who downloaded, Did this file come through for you?

With much mettā,


Dear Robert,
Thanks SO much. The download I tried failed, so your offer would be greatly appreciated. :grinning: Much metta,


I noticed the same thing, Robert. There is no file, as far as I can tell, for Lesson 1.

Your offer to Linda is very kind. Anumodana!