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It will be added soon.


I just clicked on the link you provided and it went down to the correct section of the page. But unlike the normal browser-redirect-to-id (which does not work in WC) this uses javascript to find the correct section on the page and I have not found a satisfactory way of telling this to do this at the right time (when the page is loaded and not before). Right now it has a timeout on it and I’m not entirely happy with that hack. The devas also looked at it and could not find a good way around it … but it does remain one of our bug reports on GitHub.


Not a bug, but a minor feature request/suggestion/niggle.

To open up the “Sutta” menu, one must click on the little caret to the right of “Sutta.” It would be nice to have this clickable element also extend to “Sutta” itself so clicking anywhere in that nice large rectangular area opens up the menu. Similarly with “Long,” “Middle,” and other categories down the list.


BTW is this the right place to post this or should I have posted a new thread in Feedback?


Each menu item has two regions: the “expander” icon is an explicit region for expanding; and the text itself is optionally clickable (indicated by color) to open the relevant list of sutta cards.

Your suggestion would entail that sometimes the expander area applies only to itself, and sometimes to the whole item. That’s inconsistent, and thus not good UI design.

The use of an expander for this purpose is a stock feature of Material Design, so in such matters we simply follow the guidelines.

Sure, you can post it here.


Hi Bhante,

I see what you are saying. I do not think it would be poor UI design because beyond basic functionality and usability, design is a matter of taste. I respect that my suggestion is not to taste.



just a heads up. The new SC does not load in Opera 16.0.8 installed in an Ipad mini from 2013. sorry if this has already been reported or the site is not supoosed to be loaded in this browser. :anjal:


Have you tried clearing you cache? Or tried to download another browser or upgrade this one to the latest version? I suspect that this browser is a bit too old but please let me know if any of these other options work.


Is there a way to hide the sidebar when reading a sutta? I find it distracting. Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, I’m losing track of all the Q & A.


You can show or hide the sibebar at any time by clicking the hamburger icon.


thanks bhante @sujato. Well, duh, as you can tell, I’m rather technically challenged … :persevere:


Hi Ayya, That’s the latest version of the Opera browser I can download in that old iPad.
While I acknowledge it may be a too old browser, is it possible to add a link to the legacy when the browser just cannot load it?
I wonder how many people may be encountering this blank page and how fee of them have any idea about the legacy option…
Reverence and respect :anjal:


Stable release of Opera is now at 52, so I don’t fancy your chances! Browsers in iOS, so far as I know, basically have to use the same underlying engine as Safari with just a wrapper for different features or whatever. Hopefully Safari will work, if not, legacy it is.


The question raised here is also whether or not we can detect if a browser will not work and redirect automatically to the legacy site.


Can’t we do that with … I forget the name, the error detecting thingy we added. Oh,, that’s it. We should be able to detect such things there, I believe. We probably can’t automatically figure out how to do a redirect, but if we can identify failing systems there, we can refine the legacy redirect.


I am not sure if this issue has already been posted here. The issue is that only Ven: Sujato’s translations can be viewed alongside Pali. Is this something that is being fixed or is it the new normal?.
With Metta


Thanks Ayya. That’s exactly the point. I only have in mind those who may be browsing the web in second hand computers and tablets and, like me with my 2013 iPad mini, are forced to go about with older versions of browsers.

That actually made me curious whether you can produce and share with us a high level view of what kinds of systems do access the URL of .

That could give us an understanding of how many potential sutta readers are getting blank screens and maybe delaying to the next existence their encounter with the Buddha’s words! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, only texts that have been imported using Pootle, or new segmented translation app, can be viewed in the segmented view. Currently these are mine, and other new translations will be done this way. It is not possible to automate adding older translations to this system, so unless someone wants to do it the hard way, older texts will remain as-is.


As I know nothing about this, can we discuss it in the next meeting? @Aminah, can you add that to the agenda of things to discuss? Thanks!


Okay. :slight_smile:


Can you please explain what the hard way is.
With Metta