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It is manually copying and pasting each line of translated text and matching it up with the pali. To give you some estimate: just doing Bhikkhu Parajika 1 took me a week.


Does it have to match? Can’t we just have the non-marked up translation next to the Pāli? I have this for Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translations and with the lookup tool I can still basically follow where I am.


No, that’s not how any of this works! The whole point is that text and translation are matched segment by segment, not “I can basically follow where I am”.


The Names Index page does not populate with any data using Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Macbook Air running OS X Yosemite.


Thanks so much for the helpful specificity! It is also broken for me, it looks like there is a configuration bug. We’ll fix it.


This was changed 8 days ago but has not been pushed to live yet:


Actually, I used a Vaadin split-layout element to do this for legacy texts and translations. Sure, it is not the same as with the detailed segmented texts but I still found it useful to have english and pali side-by-side.

I know you voted against it but if several people want it, maybe we can re-install it?


Over my dead body. Use windows.


Perhaps not exactly a bug, but why is the Mills translation not an option for the 5th chapter of the Snp?


Probably because Mills didn’t translate this part of the Snp. His translation was still unfinished when his health deteriorated in a way that made it impossible for him to continue this work.


Hmm, the PDF and printed copy are complete, though @sujato translated some of the missing verses:


No, actually, it is because Anandajoti’s is better! In the old site we could only support one translation per language. But now we can have both, so we should do that.


Thanks Bhante, I understand having Anandajoti’s translation over Mills’s but, as you say, the great thing about the new site is that we can have both…


@sujato @Vimala
For the last couple days I’m once again just getting a blank page when trying to connect to SC using Safari. I thought perhaps the site was just down but since it’s still happening today I wanted to let you know. Is there a new problem with Safari? It seemed to be working fairly well for awhile. I’ve cleared the cache and my computer has been restarted a few times since it stopped working.


I have noticed for a while now, a problem in the Pāli, regarding spacing. Let’s take AN 3.136 as an example.

If I copy Pāli using Google Chrome, and past it into Pages or Mellel, I get:

With Libre Office it gives:

This has had me for many days trying to research into the grammar and so on to try to make sense of the compound dhātudhammaṭṭhitatā , and only today realising that it is in fact not written as one word in the Pāli text anyway! Seems it was all down to the functioning of the new site.

Also that it puts it on different lines is quite frustrating when copying and pasting a long passage.


As far as I know, we haven’t changed the site at all in the last few days. @aconlan, maybe you can see something on sentry?


@sujato Sentry isn’t showing any errors that I can see in the last 2 days. I’ll keep looking.


Thanks for the bug report. I must admit I am puzzled as to what is going on here, but let me say what I do know.

  1. I can reproduce the error locally with LO.
  2. The error is not in the source code.
  3. It’s not introduced on the client side, as it does not occur when pasted as plain text.
  4. It’s not because of different space characters.
  5. It’s not because of a markup error.
  6. It’s not a general ShadowDOM or Polymer error, as the behavior doesn’t occur on

So then, what is it? Well, it does not appear in Firefox, only Chrome (and other Blink browsers?). The loss of a space occurs where there is a line-break. So if you narrow the browser window to force the text to reflow, the missing space reappears, but another one vanishes.

In the final line, the space after dhātu is back, but we have lost a space before ṭhitāva. As you can see, Chrome also causes LO to display the grey squares where spaces appear; again, I’m not sure what is going on here, or whether it is related to the main problem.

So that’s all I’ve got, maybe @Vimala, @Blake, or @aconlan can help.

In any case, the short term fix is if you want to paste text from SC, paste it as plain text first. This will clean the markup and eliminate any funny business.

Actually this is always a good idea, unless you specifically want to retain the markup. (If you’re not sure whether you want to keep the markup, you don’t. It’s only useful in technical uses where you know what you’re doing.)


Thanks! On a practical level, how do I do that? Open some kind of simple text editor, paste it into there, copy it again, and then paste it to where I want it? Or is there a simpler way to do it?

There is something on pages, where I hold down shift+alt+cmd+v to do paste in the style of the thing I am pasting into - it gives the font and spacing etc. of your document (i.e. generally removes all formatting I guess, so it would appear). But this does not work, gives the problem above.


I’d like to add an anecdote about Search functionality not working well. I wanted to find “Kesi the Horse Trainer” (BTW: it’s AN 4.111). “Kesi” or “horse trainer” or “horsetrainer” yielded nothing useful. (“Kesi” yielded a Pali dictionary definition: “having fine or long hair”, but no mention of the horse trainer of that name).