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Yes, that’s a simple way, but there are plenty of others. A quick hack if you have a web browser open is to open a new tab and paste the text into the address bar, then copy it out again.


thanks @aconlan @sujato
Nothng loading is also what happened when the site was first launched. Then it worked for awhile but nothing again now… :frowning_face:


Hi @Linda,

I’m sorry you’re having troubles. I don’t have a Mac to try and reproduce the error :frowning: You might try this and see if it helps:


Sounds like you might be on linux if you’re using Libre Office, leafpad is a nice, very lightweight, free and open source (GPL) software that is available in most major distro’s repositories.


thanks @aconlan. I just tried that and still no success :confused:


@Linda :frowning_face:

If you have time and you want to try this to see if the browser is generating errors:


Here are the screen shots (is this helpful? needless to say I haven’t a clue about any of this); there was nothing showing in the network tab so I didn’t take a screenshot of that


That should be very helpful. Thank you!

We’ll add it to the issues for Safari and see what we can find out. :anjal:


The search function seems to be broken. :cry:

I get no results from suttas, no matter what words I enter.

If I enter something that is in the dictionary, such as arahant, I do get the dictionary entry.


Yes, you’re right we will look into this ASAP.


Search should be working again now




Thanks Linda. Have you upgraded/updated your system at all or does it do an automatic update? That might be a reason why it worked first and not thereafter. My experience is that this issue disappears after you upgrade your OS, but in this case it seems to be a regression. Would it otherwise be possible for you to download Chrome and use that instead?

@aconlan: did you add this to the ZenBoard already? Otherwise @Aminah can do it?


Ayya @Vimala. I sent the info to @Aminah. She will be adding it today sometime.


thanks @Vimala
No my system doesn’t automatically upgrade the OS (just Safari and I can’t go any higher on my OS–not sure I’m even explaining correctly or using the correct terms) and I’d really prefer not to upgrade to 11. I haven’t changed anything and when it started working previously (and you tested Safari back to much earlier versions than I have), it was fine. I have no idea why it has regressed. I’m not having any trouble with any other sites. Just all of a sudden,now several days ago, I started jsut getting a blank page when trying to load SC.

Yes I can use Chrome though I’m really hoping Safari will work again as I have all my bookmarks & other organization there and being such a techno/computer–dunce, I’m relauctant to change everything over & get used to a new browser.

Is anyone else having trouble again with Safari? I remember when the new site was first launched someone said it also didn’t work with OS 11 but then when it was fixed it did. So now do you think it’s a problem specifically with my version (OS 10.10.5)? Anyway, fingers crossed…


No offense to Mac people, however the Safari web browser has a long-standing reputation of dragging behind all the other browsers in pretty much every aspect of functionality and especially security. I am personally not aware of even one geek who favors that web browser (and many of them use Mac’s).

This might sound callous, but what if the new SC website (as a shorter term, temporary mitigation) detected the web browser type first thing, and if it’s some sort of problematic browser like Safari, then redirect them, instantly, no questions asked, to the older site. Then have the older site also detect browser type (and wether a redirection has just happened, ie. the “referrer” URL). If these 2 conditions are true, then show a banner saying something like:

“You have been re-directed to our older, more stable website, because your Web Browser is [insert browser name here]. If you would like to see our newer website, then please install either Firefox or Chrome/Chromium, and visit [new website’s URL] again. If you rather stubbornly wish to see the newer site none the less, with your unrecommended web browser, then here’s a link, and remember that YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). Please do not inform us of the bugs you might see there at this time, as we are fixing those [insert browser name] browser-related bugs as a lower priority at present. Please bear with us as we address several other higher-priority outstanding issues at present. The newer website utilizes newer web standards and technologies that [insert browser name] doesn’t support very well at present. Hopefully [insert browser name] will pull its socks up, with respect to these newer web standards, in the shorter term future, and in the meantime, we need to focus on fixing other bugs.”


We do detect browsers to some extent, but it is extremely complex, as there are so many different User Agents.

As has been our philosophy since we rebuilt the site in 2012, we aim to use modern standards that primarily target current and future platforms. Old systems are constantly being retired, and new ones are coming online. By the time we finish having this conversation, less of those old systems will be in use than there were when we started!

Every minute we spend developing for old systems is a minute we don’t develop the site for the future. We made the choice to build on Web Components, knowing that it is an emerging technology, and expecting that the benefits will show themselves over the next few years. So our main mission is to keep building for the web of today and of tomorrow.


Well I only reported it because it had been fixed after the site was first launched (after many others reported it as well, even on newer OS systems) and was working fine for awhile. So I wonder why it has regressed when apparently nothing was changed with the site the last few days. And why Safari works fine on all other sites I use.

So @Subharo are you saying that even with the current mac OS version, Safari is still so behind it’s likely not to work properly? If so that’s one reason I definitely don’t want to update; seems I have had issues every time I have in the past so since everything else I do on-line works fine for me otherwise… In fact, back when the site was first launched and I read others were having problems with Safari, even with newer OS systems, that’s one reason why I didn’t want to update (i.e. if SC still wasn’t going to work).

But I take your point, this may not be as high priority (or even a priority at all) as other stuff. I can either use the old site with Safari or switch to Chrome to use the new site.

BTW, I did check some other basic stuff today (following tips I found on-line for resolving problems when a specific site won’t load) and nothing helped. Anyway, if it starts working again at some point, I’ll let @vimala and @sujato know. I’m curious if others have had the problem recur on Safari since it was fixed awhile back.


Indeed, it is a mystery. We will keep investigating to see if we can solve it!


I took a quick search for a recent, credible-sounding article comparing web browsers. Here’s one only about a month old. Safari did not get reviewed favorably. It in fact got entirely disqualified from consideration, considering it is not available in Windows, which still holds major market share for OS on the desktop.

We’ve also taken out Apple’s Safari web browser. While it’s still used by many Mac users, it’s no longer updated on Windows anymore, so we’ve removed it from the list.

Also from the article:

Picking a web browser isn’t like picking an operating system or smartphone ecosystem. Unlike choosing MacOS, Windows, or Android where your choices are mutually exclusive, switching between browsers isn’t quite so jarring. Picking the best browsers is comparatively easy — in fact, by the time you finish reading this paragraph, you could download each major browser on the market today.