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For what it’s worth, when I was in Sri Lanka and Malaysia, virtually every adult layperson had a smartphone (and it was ethnic Buddhists whom I was around most often), and very rarely did you see an Apple product. There were many pre-smartphone flip-phones still in use as well.

You know how Apple products tend to cost about 40% more than similarly-powered Android or Windows devices? Well, that 40% might be very easily affordable to you in the First World, dear reader, but that 40% is a huge difference, economically, in countries like Sri Lanka.

I talked to a Sri Lankan today, who told me that Sri Lankans make a median yearly income of $4000 CAN, whereas a median income of a Canadian is like $39,000 CAN. That’s a 10x difference! An extra $200-$700 spent just to have that glowing Apple on the back of the smartphone is a lot of money there.

My point is that in ethnic Asian Buddhist countries, where vast numbers of potential SC visitors exist, Apple shrinks to a tiny, tiny minority there (even though you see iPhones, etc. all over the place in the First World). Asia is Android-Land, majorly. See the green areas, below:

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Found a bug. Under users, sineru is at the top. It says I have only received 1 like, it said this last night. During the night I got another like. So now it should say 2 likes received, but it still says 1 like received. Actually I’ve had quite a few likes. This is trivial I know, but I like to be liked if you know what I’m saying.


I’m not sure what you mean by “under users” but if you click on your photo at the top right you will see something like this:

From there you click on your name and then click summary:

Below the stats you will see things like :heart:s given or :hearts:s received.

Unlike the main site, Discuss and Discover is written and managed by another company. Which means any bugs would have to be submitted to them at

By the way, I’ve given you another like :wink:


Thanks Alan, I only have an Android phone so it doesn’t work like that for me, I’ll check on a PC later. If you press the three horizontal bars (top right) you can see ‘users.’ sujato is just under me on my list. Thanks for the help, maybe it’s just a phone glitch.


And thanks for the like :slight_smile:
-real Metta!


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OK so the sight works perfectly on PC and viewing my summary reveals the right number of likes etc. however, on PC the ‘users’ tab still malfunctions and says i only have 3 likes. ill report the bug in the link you provided. Cheers Alan


reported! thanks again Alan :smiley:


When I paste the heading of a sutta from the Itivuttaka, I get this:

itivuttaka: the buddha’s sayings
the section of the threes
98. Giving

On the actual site, the first two lines are in all caps. This seems to be the case for the other suttas I tried.

I don’t know all the fancy, hip, theoretical words to use to explain why I think this is wrong, but I’m sure it is. It is fine to style things in all caps, but that should be a style decision separate from the underlying universal principles of capitalization. If the content is used in another context, it should present correctly.

Sorry if this has been posted before.


Zogstrip said something about changing the custom something or other and changing the CSS. Apparently, likes in the use page are reset every week.


Thanks for the report.

It is indeed not desirable behavior, the text should be in mixed case. But as it turns out the issue is with Chrome. The underlying text is correct, and when copied from Firefox it is fine. I’ll see if I can find a fix.

Okay, so it turns out this has a long and storied history.

Not retaining the capitalization was reported as a bug in webkit in 2005, when it was “corrected” to the current behavior.

As other clients, including FireFox, didn’t do the same thing, the “corrected” behavior was reported as a bug in 2010:

This hasn’t been fixed, but it has prompted considerable debate:

It seems from the most recent discussions that the consensus is moving towards doing it the Firefox way. So I think we’ll just sit this one out and hope that Chrome gets it together.


Wow. Thanks so much for taking the time to look into this. That’s really strange.

For me Firefox (59.0.1 (64-bit), Windows 7) hasn’t been able to load the website so I have only been using chrome.

Would it solve the problem if you used small caps instead of all caps?

Have you ever considered a “copy this sutta” button? perhaps that could bypass the issue.

Thanks again.


It is using small-caps!

We have thought about, but it’s a complex issue so it’s on the shelf for now.


Sorry, I’m not sure if you are joking. It may be small caps, but if it is small caps of all lowercase, then it is effectively all uppercase.


If the text is in all lowercase, then there is no point to having it be small caps.

Personally I think this is a perfect situation to use small caps, but that’s not really what is happening. Is that the bug you are talking about on the Chrome end? If the underlying text is cased, and your intention is small caps, that’s not happening, at least in what I am seeing. But you must know this.

As always, thanks for all your work. I don’t want to sound complain-y or like a typography snob.


In typography, small-caps are a specially designed set of letters, which are similar but not identical to the uppercase. “All small-caps” is considered by many (including the designer of our fonts) to be typographically preferable to “mixed small-caps”.

Not at all, our job is to present the Buddha’s words in the best possible way, so we always appreciate feedback.


OK, well I don’t feel like a typography snob now. :wink:

Personally I think that kind of esoteric font design is best left to the printed page. I guarantee you most users will have no idea that you are using all lowercase of a small cap font. But they 100% will notice if they cut and paste text and it doesn’t have basic, standard capitalization.

I would also bet that in the future those kinds of subtitles will be joked about. “Remember when we created a whole different set of capital letters that nobody noticed? We were so cool!”:laughing:

Why don’t you just style it as all caps and be done with it? If that would fix the issue. I obviously don’t understand what is happening under the hood at all.


Bug: AN1.378, all the way up to AN 1.627, are not addressable in the menubar on the left:

(Suttacentral -> Sutta -> Numbered -> (PLI) Anguttaranikaya -> Ekakanipata -> Ekadhamma)

In other words, the menuing does not lead to:

The menubar on the left only has menuing going up to AN 1.377.


Thanks, we already have a bug for this and will fix ASAP.

Those pesky little suttas in AN, they’re really hard to get right!


I encountered a D&D bug with the new SC Material Design Theme and it hinders the usability of links behind graphical elements on small screens (in case scenarios involving tables) to a point of not being able to use them at all.

This seems to occur on smaller screens only (tested on mobile browser with resolution 720x1280 and on desktop/tablet browsers with full width 1366x768 (all elements visible) and resized to 1/3 width (elements resized or invisible as on mobile)). The results were consistent both on mobile and desktop with Chromium and Edge so this is an indication that it is a CSS/theme issue.

Here are the screenshots:
BSWA Bhikkhuni & Bhikkhu Sangha---Friday Dhamma Talks---Dhammaloka 1990--2000 (pictures resized, emojis OK)

Ajahn Brahm---Dhamma Talks---Malaysia (both pictures and emojis resized)

BSWA Bhikkhuni & Bhikkhu Sangha---Friday Dhamma Talks---Dhammaloka 2018 (pictures OK, emojis (with download links) invisible)

It seems that the new theme allows resizing of graphical elements (pictures and emojis) in cramped spaces which leads to null dimensions in extreme cases.


Thanks, that’s a significant bug!