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Hi @greenTara, how does one access this PTS Pali page iamge in SC, I could not find it?


@Yasoj I don’t think it’s available from every sutta. Here’s an example where you should see it:
Start with SuttaCentral

You should be able to see the markers “PTS vp pli …” - hover over that and the text popup says “Volume/page of the Pali Text Society Pali edition.” Next to that is an icon, with text “View page image”. Click on that.


Thanks a lot! but I don’t see this, where are they located?

Edit with advice from @greenTara in message 324: the icon appears for some references, not all, e.g.:


@Yasoj Scroll down a little bit. The first one is shortly after PTS cs Kd.16.1.3


Oh I see! This is great. Many thanks for walking me through it :anjal:




Great that you found a way!

I just hover with my mouse over the page and then use the little scroll wheel on my mouse. Yes, I also have Chrome.

By the way: How do you use the browser zoom?


Yes, that works for me on Chrome and Firefox on Linux…


I’m fixing this now. Should be working soon!

Yes, but it has lots of settings you can change.


Since you are looking at it … I have also run into difficulty with the navigation controls. When I open an image and navigate back or forward, it usually works for one or two pages and then stops working.
UPDATE: Experimenting with SuttaCentral, I find that in each case, I can go forward or backward two pages from the one I open, but no more than that.


This is on purpose. The reason is that otherwise we have to sometimes load 100s of images into the memory which takes ages. So it only loads 2 pages each way of where you are in the document. You have to go back to the page and click on one of the next links to get the next set.


Is there any possibility of letting the user control that number? For those cases when I want to do the transcribing of the section numbers, I would be happy to wait while a lot of images are loaded, and then run through them without having to search for the next little image icon every two pages.


That would require either a design decision, which is up to Ayya @Sujato, or an new plugin for these images. Either way, it would be a fair amount of work so not something I can do quickly.


I understand. Just thought I would bring it up on the off-chance it was something simple.


Should be working now. You might have to refresh your browser.


This may be a known feature, but when I have line-by line Pali and textual information turned on I can copy a link, such as:

However, if I try to use that link with textual information and Pali turned off, it doesn’t work (in the sense that it puts me at the top of the page).

The link:
does work, however.


Oh, yes, that’s a bug.


The following page has an issue:
“Emptiness immersion; signless immersion; undirected immersion.” is above the sutta instead of being in the proper location (after “What three?”).


Thanks, I have noted this bug and we will fix it when we can.


Double Ven. Brahmali