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In the new parallels-lists on staging, ranges are denoted with two dashes. I think that is an error:

Moreover, when you click on the ones for T213.3, it does not seem to find the end-verse but marks from the first verse until the end of the file. And the ones for T212.3 find just the first verse and no others because there is prose in between.


Since few weeks maybe, the users on this forum are shown in this way:
I use Win 8.1, Opera


This is a known bug. Apparently the code that controls this transformation is messy and should be rewritten entirely, but we haven’t got around to it.

Not sure what’s up with that, we haven’t changed anything here. Try going to settings >> interface and using legacy theme.


Thanks Bhante, that one works well.


Yep, that’s been happening for me too. Firefox 64.0.2


I noticed that on the iPhone (both Safari and Chrome), I can’t scroll down the sutta sidebar.


So, for example, I can’t scroll down to see the minor collections, etc.


I filed a few bug reports here:


Thanks for the report, can I ask you to tell us the version number of the OS and browser?


Safari 12 and Chrome 71 on iOS 12.1.2


Thanks so much, I will let our developers know.


When using the “dark theme” in combination with the “pop-up” option of " View original text with translation", it is no longer possible to see the pop-up translation. I include a screenshot for reference.


This bug appeared quite recently, like within 1 month for sure probably less. I used to use this way to read the suttas in English and have the pali as pop-up. Now at least I can’t read the pop-up text due to the color.

I have verified that the error happens on two different windows computers, Windows 10 and 7. The error also occurred on my iphone. The problem is always present, it is not the case that sometimes the pop-up translation is readable and sometimes not, it is always unreadable.


Hello SuttaCentral,

First let me offer my praise for your website. An invaluable resource! Thank you all so much!

I have found a couple of words that have entries in the PTS Pali English Dictionary, but whose definitions are not found using SuttaCentral: jāta and pūra. I don’t know whether this is relevant, but in both cases there are very similar entries (same Roman letters, different diacritics) on the previous page of the PED. In both cases the Pali to English popups work, providing the correct short definition and link. See, for example, mil5.5.1 and an4.103.

Best Wishes,


Hmm, curious. The colors are defined properly, but they’re not making it to the front end. We will look at this in due course, but meanwhile I’m afraid you’ll have to use the tooltip with the normal color.

Thanks, I have noted this bug.


I noticed the same problem with the dark theme, it looks like there are transparency issues with the popup background color?

I have also stumbled across another bug: it seems that enabling the pali lookup tool affects the modal window size (note the missing x button in the top right corner of both and also the text overflow in info modal). [Android 9, Chromium latest stable build].


And again i say, hmm.

Really not sure what’s up here, but for now we will just note these. Just so you know, in the recent update we mostly left the text pages and color schemes untouched, apart from the general repackaging and upgrading which covered the whole site. In the coming months we will, depending on our developer capacity, upgrade the site further (removing Polymer in favor of LitElement). The dialog and the tooltip elements will be replaced. So I’m hoping that we can just wait until then and the problems will resolve themselves.


In the Mahasangīti of the 8th Khandaka I find this interesting formatting in some places:


this is a known bug.


There is an issue with the formatting of the verses on small viewports (portrait orientation) where it looks like some verses are missing the left and right margin/indent.

At first I thought some verses might not be marked as such in the source but on further investigation this looks like a css issue: verses are centred on screen with no minimal margins set (left and right margins vary with regards to the longest line). This works on wider screens but on smaller (portrait) screens some verses become indistinguishable from the prose sections.

Maybe setting small extra margins just for the verses would do?

image image


Good point, I have pushed a fix for this.



The dictionary lookup also fails on “nīvaraṇa”. It is perhaps relevant that the PTS PED has three entries for “nivarana” (ignoring diacritics).