Saddanīti : great Pāli ref. Book

Dear ven. @sujato & other friends,
This is a remarkable c. 13th century CE. Pāli grammar written by a certain Aggavaņsa, a monastic scholar from Bagan, Myanmar.

It was only few years ago published in Roman script and it is apparently not know at all, including to Google! A great effort from Ven. Dhammasami and I’m considering seeking his permission to release a digital version online; would be grateful if someone here already knows of a digital version.

Here is the preface and a random page:

Edit: just found a 2001 PTS publication of it. And a 1930 French publication: “la grammaire palie d’Aggavaṃsa”!! :thinking:
Ok I really need to learn the syntax to link to other posts! But for now here’s the link


At there are scanned copies of five of the six parts of Helmer Smith’s romanised edition (pub. 1928-54), missing only part VI, the glossary. This was the version that A.K. Warder consulted when writing his Introduction to Pali.

I expect you already know that the CSCD has the Padamālā and Dhātumāla, but is missing the Suttamālā.


This is all so stunning to me! I did search for it but found only some catalogue of pali text!! And the exact same thing with CSCD!! (Though I haven’t had sleep now in two days, which might explain why this happened! :face_with_head_bandage:)

Venerable @Dhammanando Thanks so much for taking the time to direct me to these great resources. Anumodami :anjal:


Is this available in English or Sinhala?

Also is it possible to locate:

  • Kaccayana
  • Moggallana
  • Saddaniti
  • Saddasangaha

and related commentaries with English and/or Sinhala translations?

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From [Intro to the Kaccāyana Pali Grammar - YouTube] by Dr. Aleix Ruiz-Falqués
(Intro to the Kaccāyana Pali Grammar - YouTube)
— Thiab Malai 1997 Thesis - Phd Thesis with translation of Kaccāyana Grammar
— Nandisena Bhikkhu, kaccaayana_2017.pdf - Translation of Kaccāyana [2]
— Thitzana I.pdf & II.pdf - Translation of Kaccāyana [1]
[*] Dr Aleix’s recommendations.

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If someone needs, I have digitalized about 15 pages of Dhātumāla.

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