Small error in AN4.10

And what is detachment from views? It’s when you ((don’t)) truly understand views’ origin, ending, gratification, drawback, and escape.

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Thank YOU for providing this wonderful resource.
Started numbered discourses at Ven Dhammavuddho’s suggestion last Dec. Also sharing with about 10+ other dharma friends on whatsapp. My 81yo dad is not particularly interested though esp. when the discourse is long but that’s ok.

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Not commenting on the error, but pointing out that complete detachment from views only occurs at the end of the path. The development of the path however, is concerned with the progressive development of right view. Many of the suttas the Buddha taught are directed at the arahant level . For suttas appropriate to a beginner or intermediate level, it is necessary to look at those spoken by the Buddha-to- be, or to Ananda or Rahula, or by nuns, or that clearly deal with development of the path:

“One makes an effort for the abandoning of wrong view & for entering into right view: This is one’s right effort. One is mindful to abandon wrong view & to enter & remain in right view: This is one’s right mindfulness.[2] Thus these three qualities — right view, right effort, & right mindfulness — run & circle around right view.”—MN 117

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