Sorry guys, we won't being having a practice corner

Recently there’s been some discussion about the idea of having a dedicated section for discussion on practice here at D&D. I mentioned some of my reservations here:

So I won’t repeat that. Clearly there is a lot of support for the idea among members of the community, and the poll results show a majority in favor. We have supported you having this conversation, and appreciate the good reasons you have for wanting this.

Nevertheless, after consideration I have decided against the idea. It’s not the purpose of this forum. I don’t think an open internet forum like this is a good place for discussing practice. In addition, it will create extra burden for the mods. To be clear, the decision is mine, but it is supported by the admins and mods.

If you think that a place for discussing practice is needed which is not supplied by existing forums, then maybe give some thought to setting something up.

Meanwhile, there is of course no reason why you can’t raise and discuss questions of practice in the Watercooler. So this doesn’t change what you can talk about, it just clarifies the purpose and orientation of the forum.

My apologies if anyone is disappointed by this. :pray: