SuttaCentral: bug reports

This thread is for reporting perceived bugs about SuttaCentral.

Continued from here.

For any new post/report, it would be great if you could please add some info related to:

  • browser type and version number
  • OS
  • device, if mobile
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At some point Bhante @Sujato had asked that for bugs folks should start a new thread for each bug, since they often required quite a bit of back and forth. Is that not still the case?


I don’t have a strong view on it, but yes, bug reports often have a lot of back and forth, unlike say translation fixes. But never mind, let’s keep it here for now. We can branch discussions if need be.


Somehow the elided text is taking up space. I did a hard refresh on the page. I’m on FF. I don’t see it on Chrome.


It seems it might be because internal elements are set to block

.verse-line .translation {
  display: block;
  hyphens: none;
  margin-left: 4em;

Disabling the display:block solves part of the problem.

Changing the p tags to inline fixes the rest of the gap. Strange.

At the bottom of there is a link to which returns a “Search: undefined” message.

If I manually enter it works as intended.