SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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Much as I’m sorry to not be able to listen to a sutta tonight, I think it’s more important to leave it so, fingers-crossed, it can get fixed.


The SSL warning is to be expected because this is only a certificate that Cloudflare trusts, then Cloudflare uses another certificate for the connection to the end user.


OK. Blake got it working. Please try again:

:heart: this post to signify that the above works for you and that Blake has fixed HTTPS.

Post reply if you have problems.

THank you, Blake!


This is what I get:

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Enter sutta I’d or keyword(

Not sure why there’s a ( at the end of the search descriptor.

Great work!


What kind of device are you using? What kind of screen?

For me it looks like this:



The phrase “keyword(s)” is short for “keyword or keywords”.
To prevent confusion, I’ve edited the text to say “keywords”.


iPhone on iOS12 both on Safari and Chrome. I see the issue with this text. Will wait for the changes to take effect.


The world seems to not have burned down. Thank you all for your help and patience. And special thanks to @Blake for being a most rapid fireman.

…gone meditating…


And massive thanks to you Karl for fighting off all obstacles and delivering this so quickly.


Well deserved! :anjal:


DN 14
2 of 18
70000 read as “70 and OOO”

60000 as “60 and OOO”

How should 6,800,000 read?


Thank you, it’s on the list. :white_check_mark:


I find in few other places this number reading is not right.
Do you want me to report it or?


Thanks. Karl will find them with the search function. :pray:


Just testing the cookies after the new release: I set my preferences, rebooted my computer, and … here they are!! Settings are still there!!! :tada: :sparkler: :balloon:

Thanks, Karl, for 100 years of reliability! :pray: :heart:

(This is called nicca, isn’t it? But still, 100 years are not inexhaustable… so this won’t bring us out of anicca.)


Anagarika @Sabbamitta, I’m looking at the “Americanized pronunciation of Buddha” and not finding it. Amy is pronouncing “Buddha” as a Pali word not as an American word.

Is the above sound wrong or is there another text segment that is being misread?


I don’t know who pointed to “Buddha” being pronounced in an Americanized way, but it was not me. I don’t see anything wrong in your sample here, nor did I understand what this description should refer to. I actually don’t know anything about Americanized ways of pronunciation… :thinking:

Maybe @Aminah knows where this comes from?


Yes, in fact, it came from a conversation that Karl and I had a while ago, and then was subsequently independently raised by someone who gave me some feedback (funnily enough, they were from the USA).

To keep true to her English roots, Amy would more typically pronounce the “u” as a short rather than long sound. Kind of like the “oo” in “wood” or “hood”, not “food”.


That’s what I understand here, and as such it is not wrong… Or maybe she could pronounce the “u” slightly shorter, and then still pause a moment on the “ddh”? As much as I understand the Pali the first syllable should be the longer one, and the one with emphasis.

Actually, listening again several times, I find it good as is.