SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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I’m really glad you said that because, although it’s probably the main reason I can’t listen to Amy (although well above that is just a real fondness for Raveena), when I mentioned it to Karl, I also mentioned that I thought there was no need to change it, but as someone else noticed it, too, it seemed fair to add.

Maybe what we can do to ‘fix’ this, is just give some more detail to Amy’s back story. Although she was born in England, she moved to the States and pick up some influences. There: :white_check_mark:.


Although she was born in England, she learned Pali… :wink:


Hmmm… my untrained ear can’t quite hear that.


I just listened to Raveena for comparison, and she does indeed pronounce the “u” much shorter. This amounts more to how most Europeans / Westerners who don’t know Pali would pronounce Buddha (I also would before I understood a bit more about Pali pronunciation).


I think perhaps we should simply leave Amy as is. She is managing as best she can. I can’t really change her pronunciation much–her phonemes are much more restricted than either Raveena or Aditi.


I will record it tonight.


Is this good? I know I might have accidentally marketed myself as an expert, but I really don’t know. I know little of audio recording, despite having sinfully extensive materials to record with.


Sounds nice, thanks a lot! :anjal:


Thanks. I’ve added it on GitHub.


Buddha: Ddh is like the-the.


Yes, indeed. Bud-dha.

Poor Amy really struggles with the doubled consonants. We’re fighting a battle hard to win with Amy. She was never trained to pronounce Hindi, so her range is quite limited. The same sounds flow effortlessly off Aditi and Raveena’s voices. I have thought of splicing in Aditi’s voice for Pali words, but the result would be quite Frankenstein. And it would be hopeless with poor Russell. Every now and then we find a trick like SCMatt did with the dipthong. :cry:


Oh. What is a good title for the user to choose in the options (e.g., type of bell, etc.)?


Like what kind of bell is it? It’s a mid-range singing bowl, rather cheap, the kind you find in New Age stores in shopping malls. It even has fake Tibetan writing on it!


It’s equanimous of you to offer “Cheap bell with fake Tibetan writing”, but perhaps “Coemgenu-singing-bowl-pub-domain” might attract more listeners?


@Aminah, I’m working on the Thig/Thag content update with Bhante Sujato’s wonderful new translations. I have gotten them from and they seem to work fine. However, there’s a bit of a chicken/egg issue here with the release. I don’t want to release production code that refers to staging. I’d rather release SCV 1.1.2 at or after SC release of newer content so that I can release production code that points to production code. How does this affect the planned SCV release date?


@Aminah, I’ve finally managed to go through your wisdom list and added 14 items to the “examples”. :anjal:


Wonderful! Hope you had much fun as well as more refined rewards! :slight_smile: :anjal:


Indeed, never mind, the production site will be updated with the new translations in the next day or two.



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