SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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Those are quite large!
Added to release plan. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


What about this?


Yes. That is there.


DN 20.8.1
It appears “Vessamittā” pronounced incorrectly.


:pray: On the list. :white_check_mark:


is this “rid of rebirth” pronounciation correct?


? :thinking:

DN 20 SC 10.5 reads: “Candano kāmaseṭṭho ca,—And Candana and Kāmaseṭṭha,”

I can’t see any rebirth here…


DN 21
Is “bows” pronounced correctly?


Can you please be a bit more precise about the place where to find “bows”, SarathW1? DN 21 is quite a long sutta…


There are two pronunciations of bows. One is what we do to the Buddha. One is what we shoot arrows with. They are homographs. Unfortunately, the AI isn’t good enough to tell the difference.:cry:

We can force one particular pronunciation, but that would make the other one always wrong.


Just today I’ve learned that in Pali pronunciation only the length of the syllables is important. There is no such thing as emphasis, or it doesn’t matter.


@sujato Bhante do you have a plan to record Sutta in real human voice such as Frank.


See here


Working on it as we speak.

The critical problem is how to segment the audio file, as Karl does for the computer voices on SCV. This is now a solved problem using aeneas.

This solution, however, will not apply to any legacy translations, as the text is not segmented. So we shall have to create a new set of readings based on my translations, and subsequently, any other translations based on the same segmenting.

I’ve been very fortunate to work here in Sydney with a supporter name of Michael, who works in the AV field. We are setting up a system for recording sutta readings. Still some technical bugs to figure out!


Is there anything that you have not thought about as yet Bhante?



“ill will in them”
Please check.


It appears “Kālakañjas” pronounced incorrectly.


You are incredibly quick in going through the whole Digha Nikaya! Thanks for that! I will check and add to the list as soon as I’ll get around to it.


I am trying to beat Bhante @sujato



Is this translation “tiger” correct?.