SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

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The end continues after the end of.

satisfied, the wanderer Bhaggavagotta was happy with what the Buddha said.


DN 25.19.12
How to pronounce "sentient "
I did not report this before even though I came across many times in previous Suttas.


I saw you’ve already posted that one where it belongs.


I can’t see any problem with the pronunciation of “sentient”, neither with Amy, nor with Raveena, nor with Russell. But maybe one of the native speakers can still check?

All these seem correct to me.

Added to the list, thanks!

I think best is to ask translation questions directly to Bhante Sujato in this thread.


This is all such wonderful stuff! :heart_eyes:

I haven’t been following posts in the last couple of days very closely, but just in case it’s relevant I wanted to highlight something that came up in conversation a little earlier in SCV’s development, starting from this post:

and in particular Karl’s response that:

As a result we, roughly speaking, concluded that because people might use SCV to help them learn Pali, it was worth investing time to get Aditi’s pronunciation as good as possible. However, with English corrections we only felt that, at least while there are still many other important things to work on, it would only be worth doing pronunciation corrections on words where there might be some genuine misunderstanding about what is being said (eg. a listener might realistically think the reader has said another word), or maybe where it is significant enough (eg. a word used very often) to disrupt listening.


Thank you for reminding, Aminah! Probably in this case, I remove the “shameless”. It does sound a bit odd (Amy is quite noticeably pronouncing the “e” in the middle of the word), but doesn’t lead to a misunderstanding.


Really many thanks to the both of you!

I guess this is maybe where Karl’s original idea ought to be restored. As far as I understand, he set up the mispronunciation wiki page basically for stuff that we’re aware of but likely won’t be fixed any time soon.


OK, well, maybe I can add the “shameless” to this page then. :white_check_mark:


Most of the words I reported are minor and not deruptive except the number reading. I still report what ever I think not correct just for the record and mention whether it is minor or major.




We cannot train a robot to be perfect. That training will always miss. And even if we get it right it will be obsolete the next day. The robots of today are dead to life and never change. That is their one value, that they do not change. That invariance is also their downfall and ultimate failure.

Instead of perfection, our goal is to transmit the Dhamma to those who cannot read. With the sharing of that understanding in the hearing, our job is sufficient. Yet even with such understanding, we all seek a transparency, an absence of idiosyncracy that would otherwise veil, twist or bias our hearing and understanding. Such idiosyncracies arise in all voices, human or robot.

Please continue reporting as you see fit. Our resources are limited and we will do what we can, prioritizing understanding over the elimination of idiosyncracy.

Thank you all for your mindfulness and attention to detail. :pray:


Low priority feature request.

Would love to listen to translations of Saṃyuktāgama (1st) and Saṃyuktāgama (2nd) on SCV :cowboy_hat_face:


We follow in the footsteps of the segmented texts as they appear on SuttaCentral itself. It is quite the wonder to see the translations appear “hot off the press”. I would love to hear those as well.


In fact, I would think of it as a massive, massive gain, but as Karl has indicated, primarily SCV deals with segmented texts. It is for this very reason that I made this comment over in the other thread.


If I search say “DN” can I get the list in numerical order? DN1, DN2 etc
Less priority.


That’s actually a bug. I never thought to test that. Thank you. :white_check_mark:
Added to Release Plan.

The workaround is to search for “DN1-36”


:open_mouth: There’ve been a couple of new discoveries?! :wink:


Is it possible to have more than 50 search results.
Just a matter of interest at this stage.


Erm. Yes. It was recently up to 25 and I bumped it to 50 last release. It slows down processing to go too higher.

How much higher did you need to go?


Do not worry at this stage.