SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

I just wanted to thank you all for doing marvellous work here. I like the download function. I opened the downloaded MP3 sutta files in Audacity and edited to make little excerpts for memorising verses in Pali and English. Very useful. Thank you and sadhu sadhu sadhu.


AN 10 doesn’t seem to be indexing properly (am I saying this correctly?)

If I search for an10.1-50, I get this:

For an10.50-100, I get


Oops! I’ve added this to the ReleasePlan as a bug. :white_check_mark: Thank you!


Karl, for some reason it doesn’t show in the RP.

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Oops. It was indeed still stuck on my machine. Should be there now! Thank you.

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SuttaCentral v1.1.3 release at UTC22:35 (~5m) COMPLETED

The release notes include changes for both v1.1.3 as well as v1.1.2.

Many thanks to:

Other notes:

  • Although features and bug fixes have been released, look for more content as it arrives on SuttaCentral itself in the coming days.
  • Also note that the SCV sound cache was cleared, so there will be delays as sounds are re-generated as needed.

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Humble thanks, Karl.


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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
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First, thanks to all who contributed to SuttaCentral, including of course @karl_lew. This is an amazing way to read and hear the dhamma at the same time.

As I was seeking to use it, I noticed that when I searched metta and even loving kindness, that the metta sutta, sn 1.8, doesn’t show up in the search results. Even when I searched Karaniya in SCV, that sutta doesn’t appear in the search. Hope this helps.

I also tried to search snp 1.8, which is the format SC uses to title this sutta, and snp 1.8 didn’t show up in the search results on SCV.


Thanks so much for this @brooks. At first, I was a bit puzzled by this, but as I was testing for myself, I realized I might know why this is so: SCV (and even more specifically SCV search) is built on SC’s segmented texts. At the moment these cover the four main Nikayas and now, most wonderfully, the Thig & Thag.

Snp1.8 is obviously such a wonderful and popular sutta that we should maybe have a think about how to make sure people who come looking for metta, get it! :smiley:

(Incidentally, I think there might currently be a bit of a glitch with the Thig and Thag so if anyone has that problem, please do report it so as to confirm, but I’ve already got it noted).


Could we automatically disregard the space in ‘Snp 1.8’ which seems to be a point where people are introducing a space into?


It’s a bit of a different issue to that, I believe the point is the sutta simply isn’t available on SCV as it’s not a segmented text (there a bit of nuance around the matter, but I think this is the basic point).

That said, in following up on your post I have found an interesting bug: searching for “snp1.8” returns S​N​56.131. I kind of have the sense that it might have already come up, but I can’t find it on the backlog, so I’m adding it.


I don’t think it has come up already, but other similar things. I just found the same. Thanks for adding.

And, just to be complete about the Mettasutta, search for “kp9” returns DN 34 (which I’ve now added to the RP).


Hmmm… that’s getting to be quite a handsome list of search issues. :grinning:

Karl, if you think there’s one common root problem, great, it would be lovely to get that fixed for the next release, otherwise, I think we’ll have to start breaking the things up, because, already that list looks to exceed capacity considerably. I’ll shortly go through it to try to measure things out a bit.


Yup, Thig is also glitchy for me. Most importantly, SCV gets stuck on Thig 3.4, also in an incognito tab.

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Yes. The problem is that I have no idea what I’m doing and am simply muddling along. Thank you all for noticing the large gaps in SCV. We shall keep plodding along!

Aminah is quite right. SuttaCentral Voice is restricted to segmented suttas. SCV only supports segmented suttas fully. The notion of “supported sutta” is documented here.

Currently, the only segmented suttas we have are the ones translated by Bhante Sujato. Ajahn Brahmali and team are working to add the Vinaya to the segmented texts. SCV therefore currently only supports 3999 suttas. That number is slowly increasing but will always lag behind SuttaCentral’s own vast resources.

Having written the above, I now realize that we might actually have a need for SCV to speak arbitrary suttas found on SC. For example, suppose someone wished to hear a translation by Caroline Rhys Davids. Althought her translations are not segmented, they are a remarkable legacy that one might wish to hear. SCV has a rudimentary ability to create and download such MP3’s but we have not really explored that feature in depth. I will be happy to look into that as Aminah directs.


Marvellous! It must be well on its way to Nibbana with such an excellent grasp on emptiness!

Mmm-hmmmn. Is that so?! I wish my “having no idea” could produce something so magnificent as SCV, but all it seems to get me is a dizzy expression.

Perhaps we shall stick to ‘bread and butter’ issues for the foreseeable. Although saying that, I’m all up for starting a petition to get Snp1.8 segmented as a one-off.