SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released 😍

Aminah and Sabbamitta have found a post-release bug that requires flushing a cache. We will therefore re-release v1.1.3 within about an hour after testing it with the updated cache. Apologies for the disruption.


Thanks so much for sorting this out so quickly.

By the way, just to remind of a key purpose of this thread:

I think this about sums things up:

So y’know, less of this young man:



Hullo again, friends,

Following a glitch with some of the Thig/Thag. files Karl will be pushing a re-release of SuttaCentral Voice v1.1.3 at approx. 17:40UTC (~10m) to fix this. Hold on to your hats folks! :smiley:

The update’s been made. Happy listening!


Minor issue.
DN34.2.1.52 dots read as dot, dot etc in few places.


Thanks, it’s on the list. :white_check_mark:


Is it possible to easily move to the next Sutta by pressing > or go back<?
For instance I want to go to MN 2 after reading MN1 with ease.


No, but it is on the list of things.


I have this rather odd sudden vision of SarathW1 under a tree for days (and days and nights) quietly listening to ALL of MN without interruption. :open_mouth:


Just a general question.
I have two laptops.
One is just a cheap one for access internet and the other one is a ThinkPad. Downloading speed of ThinkPad is few seconds slower than my old cheap laptop.
What is the possible cause?


The first download of any sutta is always the slowest because SCV has to talk with both SC and AWS.

Throw away the times for the first downloads and average out three downloads for each laptop. They should be about the same since most of that time is waiting for the internet. Also, you should get faster downloads on direct internet vs. wifi. And the fastest downloads are from a laptop in Northern California or Oregon (because of the speed of light).

Lastly, SCV deletes downloads older than an hour to save space. Creating a new download takes a few seconds.

What you have shared is actually good news. A cheap laptop works fine. That is the best for all. Thank you.


I try to connect directly to the net but it is still same.


Maybe I have another feature request concerning this recent experience: Would it be an idea to make this sort of expansions optional (and, of course, is this technically possible)?


Yes. Currently that option would only work for MN1. Auto-expansion for all the suttas would require a lot of work. The suttas are quite inconsistent with expansions. So I gave up after MN1. Note that MN1 expanded is shorter than DN33 unexpanded.


I’m wondering about the word option. I can’t see any option to either expand or not, but it is expanded by default.

Would it be possible to make this for the user to select?


Yes it would be possible to make that option. It is also more work to make the option than to simply disable the expansion for all. The choices are:

  1. Do nothing (0 day)
  2. Create a settings option for users to turn off the expansion that only works for MN1 (0.5 day)
  3. Turn off the expansion for MN1 for all of us (0.1 day)



I guess this is now up to Aminah to decide.


I vote for option 3!


So, in the other thread, I wasn’t joking (well, except for the converting to Christianity bit): I found the expanded MN1 a challenge, but I also think it has real genuine potential for benefit.

I think before making a decision we should consider how likely will it be that we’ll get round to doing any more expansions (Karl is it now just MN1 and DN33 that are expanded? I know from a question I asked Bhante ages ago—well before SCV was even a twinkle in your eye—that expansion can be prohibitively complicated, but equally the task is not something outside the realm of ‘reasonable to consider’; Karl, from your previous look at this, would you say there are easier and harder cases to expend (that we might pick off the easy ones), or that it’s all just difficult?)

If there is some chance that others might be expanded then I think option 2 would be better. If not, given that one of the most awesome things about SCV is its power to lower the threshold of entry to the suttas, on balance, I think we’d probably have to go with option 3; but not before allowing anyone interested in the expended suttas to download them (eg Gus has expressed the value of the expanded versions in the other thread), and therefore for now we should go with option 1.

So there we have it, all three options!
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Do I win a prize?


Oh, at least one! :cake: :ice_cream: :doughnut:

This was actually a thought that just came to me too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


MN1 brought light into my life. It made me laugh. And after reading it again and again, I found myself frustrated at the abbreviations. Those ellipses cut short the wonder. Indeed, the ellipses seemed almost dismissive in the curtness of their three little dots. I wanted so much to hear the words that were missing. But I spent days thinking and coding until I could finally hear MN1 in its entirety. And then one day I succeeded and I listened to all of MN1. It was blissful to hear all of it. Blissful.

I no longer listen to MN1.

I have eaten that meal and washed my bowl. Now I listen to DN33. DN33 is not expanded. But it could be expanded. I have thought about it. And yet an odd thing has happened to me. I no longer need to hear the expansions. When DN33 skips the third absorption, I know that the ellipses do count it in. When I hear “second absorption … fourth absorption”, my mind automatically adds in the third absorption. It just happens and I don’t need the expansion any more.

This experience over the past year has been peculiar. I have seen both the need for and lack of need for expansion. My choice of MN1 to expand was a personal one that mattered to me. It was an idiosyncratic choice. I certainly do not regret expanding MN1 and I am very glad I did expand it. MN1 is regarded as an “advanced sutta.” I’m not sure why that should be so. It is perfectly clear to me. And SN12.23 is NOT an advanced sutta, but I feel the need to study SN12.23 a lot. In other words, I cannot answer the question of whether MN1 should be expanded for others.

The expansion of MN1 proved that auto-expansion is indeed possible. The code to auto-expand is idiosyncratic however. It is idiosyncratic because all the ellipses throughout the Pali canon and the translations are used in slightly different ways. If we decide that some suttas should be expand-able, I will gladly help with that effort. It will not, however, be a sweeping fix for all 3999 suttas. We will, instead, need to choose which suttas should be expandable. Then we can write code to expand the chosen few.

I hope that all of the above has provided more information for future directions. I no longer want expansions personally, but I do remember that urgent need to expand and see the whole sutta. I know that others will or are now feeling that need to hear the expanded suttas. I will support that needs as I can as it arises.

Until then…

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