The Sutta Nipata translation is ready for the printers

We just heard from our partners at that the printed edition of the Sutta Nipata is ready to go. This is the new translation by Lawrence Khantipalo Mills, which I have discussed in a previous post.

This is an unusual edition for us, as it contains not just the translation but extensive commentary and notes by Lawrence. While the translation itself is available on the site, the commentary is not (except in the pdf).

We’re proud to offer this text, the final work by one of the most important figures in the early development of monastic Theravada in the west generally, and Australia in particular.

If you would like to help with distribution, please let us know here. @deepika is keeping a list of volunteers to help with distribution. This is of great assistance to our publisher, as it helps keep their postage costs down. The books are sent out in boxes of 34, so if you can take a box or a few boxes around to centers or wherever in your city, that would be great.


Is there a link where I can download the pdf / ebook version, Bhante? Thank you :anjal:

It’s on our downloads page:


Happy to take a box around down here in NZ.


I can distribute copies in Bristol, UK.


I am in the Chicago Illinois USA area. If it is helpful, I can receive boxes here in the United States and then distribute them in the Chicago area and I will also pay to have them sent to New York and the West Coast if that is needed.


I could potentially help distribute them on the US East Coast.


@deepika @sujato I can distribute in the ACT

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Thanks @stuindhamma, @Brenna, @Anagarika, @Dhivan, @mikenz66, and @seniya.

I just received the first books today! :joy:

Thanks as always to Mr Ju and the folks at Budaedu for their amazing work.

I heard from @deepika today, and she’ll be updating the list, so you’ll be hearing back from us very soon.


If you like to join our distribution list please send the following information to
1.) Name of center/organization.
2.) Name of person .
3.) Postal Address.
4) Tel / Mobile No.(Includes country and area code).
5.) Email address.
6.)Website (if any).
7.)No of books you can distribute .


Boxes arrived today. The books look great!

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Hi I sent an e-mail to the address you gave saying I could distribute a box. Thanks for all your work coordinating things!

Absolutely beautiful cover art.



Well, thank you! The black swan is kind of a symbol of my home town, and some of the loveliest passages in the Sutta Nipata have swans (technically geese, but still!), so I though they’d go together. Luckily I found some beautiful artwork.


Ha, forgot the Perth/Swan thing… :slight_smile: The art certainly is nice.

I have only been organised enough to distribute one so far - to my Mother with the bookmark at the Metta Sutta…

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You are welcome! Please let me know when you receive the box. cheers!


Dear Bhante,
I received my box in the mail in London and will be distributing them tonight at my local vihara! They look wonderful. Sadhu sadhu sadhu. Also very touching to read in the intro about what a journey it’s taken to get here.


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Hi Mei-Ann,

Glad you like them. It was indeed a unique situation. Khantipalo’s edition of the Majjhima Nikaya was my first ever journey into the suttas, so I was very grateful to have the opportunity to give something back.

May I ask, are you Mei-Ann from Mitra in Sydney? Because if so, I didn’t know you were in London. If not, it’s nice to meet you!

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Hi @Deepika,

If my memory serves me right, the Theragatha is also available. Do I have this correct?
If so, can @Sujato send me a picture of the cover art for that one so I can put it on the Facebook too?

Are there any others yet?

Thanks for all your hard work!
Much metta,
Ayya Vimala

The cover art for that one is boring! In fact, for subsequent editions, they will be hard cover, so no cover art to speak of. But when we do the Portuguese MN, we will see how that goes.

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