Timeline for Nikaya ebooks (kindle/epub)

So happy to hear that the proof reading has been finished. I rejoice in all of the collected merit!

And of course, want more.

Is there a time line on when epub/mobi versions of the Nikayas are going to be available? With the old website it was possible to take the html files and create a rough e-book. Will there be a stream-lined way of creating these so versioning doesn’t become a problem?

Again, thanks for all your work.


Ayya @Vimala said the epub books would be a while and the printed versions even later, although @blake said he could throw together an unofficial epub version pretty quickly. It was all discussed in the following thread:

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Mods could delete this thread. Sorry, I should have searched more.

I wouldn’t worry about it! There are so many interesting topics here, it’s hard to know everything that is said. I just happen to read most of them because it’s the only internet-based entertainment which I partake of, aside from the occasional trip to Dhamma Wheel.



Please refer to this thread for updates about the epub version of the Sutta Pitaka.