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The shared pacittiyas
(rules 49-55 of 70)

145 / 66 Travelling with thieves
146 / 68 Claiming that the obstructions to dhamma practise aren’t really obstructions (this is one of only two pacittiyas that require that the offender be admonished three times to give up their behavior before the offense is committed.)
147 / 69 Spending time with the monastic of the previous rule
148 / 70 Spending time with a samanera/i who makes such claims as in rule # 146 / 68
149 / 71 Refusing to train in a rule that is perfectly clear and saying that you need to consult more experts
150 / 72 During patimokkha recitation, saying that the minor rules just lead to anxiety, irritation, and confusion
151 / 73 Breaking a rule and then claiming that you didn’t know it


The shared pacittiyas
(rules 56-63 of 70)

152 / 74 Punching another monastic
153 / 75 Raising one’s hand against another monastic
154 / 76 Accusing another monastic of an unfounded sanghadisesa offense
155 / 77 Making someone anxious
156 / 78 Eavesdropping on arguing monastics
157 / 79 Agreeing to a sangha decision and later complaining
158 / 80 Leaving without giving consent when the sangha is discussing (this blocks all decision making because sangha matters have to be decided unanimously)
159 / 81 Agreeing to give cloth to a monastic, and later claiming that the sangha was biased by favoritism.

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The shared pacittiyas
(rules 64-70 of 70)

160 / 82 Diverting donations intended for the sangha to an individual
161 / 84 Picking up a valuable
162 / 86 Making a needle case of bone, ivory, or horn*
163 / 87 Making a high bed*
164 / 88 Upholstering a bed / bench*
165 / 90 Making a bandage too large*
166 / 92 Making a robe too large*

As already mentioned in post #41, there are eight pacittiyas that cover cases where a monastic makes an unsuitable object, and something needs to be done with it before the confession becomes valid and the offense can be cleared. In this doodle, there are five of these pacittiyas, which I have marked with a *.
To clear the offense, the needle case has to be broken, the legs of the bed have to be shortened, the stuffing has to be removed, and the bandage / robe have to be cut down.


#162 / 86
Oh wow! Acknowledgement of the evil of the ivory trade!
The doodle masterfully shows the bones of the tusker. :rhinoceros:


The pacittiyas for bhikkhus only

There are 22 pacittiyas that apply only to bhikkhus.

Pacittiyas Bhikkhus.pdf (50.2 KB)

The first eight rules:

  1. Instructing bhikkhunis without authorization from the sangha
  2. Instructing bhikkhunis after sunset
  3. Instructing bhikkhunis in their accomodation
  4. Claiming that other bhikkhus instruct bhikkhunis for material benefits
  5. Giving a robe to a bhikkhuni
  6. Sewing a robe for a bhikkhuni
  7. Travelling with a bhikkhuni
  8. Getting in a boat with a bhikkhuni


…even with a ‘chaperone’?


This has to do with the perception of lay people thinking male and female fully ordained monastics are out at their leisure enjoying a jaunt in a boat. The previous rule is about perception of touring together. Travel together is allowed if one is simply crossing a river for transportation or if one is traveling on the road together where it would be more dangerous to travel separately.


Also it is not an offense for the Bhikkhu, if the arrangement for travel was not made by him and it just so happens that a Bhikkhuni is also going in the same land vehicle or caravan. But for the boat, it seems to be the act of embarking in the same boat at all, if it is bound up or downstream, that signifies the offense.


Thank you for the clarification, Venerable @Niyyanika!



Yes, even if it is a whole group of monks. Ayya Niyyanika has explained the reason above. :anjal:

There is also a very similar rule - monks’ pacittiya 67 - about travelling with a woman.


The pacittiyas for bhikkhus only

(rules 9-16 of 22)

29. Eating food donated through the request of a bhikkhuni
30. Sitting in private, alone with a bhikkhuni
33. Eating one meal after another
35. Turning down an offer for more food, and then eating again elsewhere (except leftovers)
36. Purposely offering more food to a bhikkhu who has turned down an offer for more food, to make him break the previous rule
39. Requesting and eating special food (ghee, butter, oil, honey, sugar, fish, meat, milk, curds)
41. Personally giving food to non-Buddhist renunciates
64. Concealing another bhikkhu’s serious offense.


The pacittiyas for bhikkhus only

(rules 17-22 of 22)

65. Giving full ordination to someone less than 20 years old
67. Travelling together with a woman by arrangement
83. Entering the king’s bedroom unannounced when the king and the queen are inside
85. Going to a village at the wrong time (between noon and dawn the next day)
89. Making a sitting cloth too large*
91. Making a rains-bathing-cloth too large*

Rules 89 and 91 again require that the cloth be cut down before the offense can be cleared, as explained before.


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Some rules are actually not so easy to break! :wink:


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

There are 96 pacittiyas only for bhikkhunis.
Pacittiyas Bhikkhunis.pdf (85.6 KB)

The first eight rules:

  1. Eating garlic
  2. Shaving the hair under the arms and in the pelvic area
  3. Engaging in sexual activities with another bhikkhuni (this rule may also cover masturbation but that’s a debated point)
  4. Using a dildo
  5. Inserting more than two finger joints when washing private parts
  6. Serving water to or fanning a bhikkhu who is eating
  7. Requesting, preparing, cooking, and eating raw grain
  8. Throwing excrement, urine, garbage, or leftovers over a wall or fence without looking if there is something/someone on the other side first.


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 9-16 of 96)

  1. Throwing excrement, urine, garbage, or leftovers on crops
  2. Going to see shows
  3. Standing and talking with a man alone, at night
  4. Standing and talking with a man alone, in a concealed place
  5. Standing and talking with a man alone, in the open air
  6. Standing and talking with a man alone, at a road / crossroads
  7. Visiting families before noon and leaving without informing them
  8. Visiting families after noon and sitting down without permission

This will be the last doodle post for a few weeks. The 10 drawings for the rest of the pacittiyas (and some more dhamma doodles :wink:) are ready but it will be a while until I have access to a scanner again…


I love that her hair turned gray while waiting :older_woman:t3: :rofl: So many lovely little details! Thanks for drawing these!


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