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The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 17-24 of 96)

  1. Visiting families at night, spreading bedding and lying down without permission
  2. Criticizing another bhikkhuni because of a misunderstanding
  3. Cursing oneself or another bhikkhuni
  4. Beating oneself and weeping
  5. Bathing naked
  6. Making a bathing cloth too large*
  7. Unsewing another bhikkhuni’s robe and not sewing it back together within 5 days
  8. Not looking after one’s outer robe for more than 5 days.

*Rule no. 22 is again one of the rules where the monastic has to cut down the robe before clearing the offense.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. You convey complex ideas in these simple drawings, and often manage to convey the underlying moral of the story that the rule’s wording alone may not give so clearly.

An example from the latest post of getting complex ideas across is Bhi.Pac 18; that’s impressive. So is shared Pac 149/71 (showing unreasonable questioning before willingness to follow a rule).

In the last panel, Bhi.Pac 24, the rain falling on a neglected robe conveys the harm done, the ethic behind the rule. Another of these that really struck me as showing the deeper meaning (among many!) was the rule against going to other houses for alms before going to the house of an invitation; the patiently waiting family pictured with everything readied conveyed the likelihood of disappointment for them and the unkindness of casually disregarding their efforts.

I’m also impressed with the tasteful nature of your drawings. Frankly I had wondered what on earth you’d do to show some of these, such as Bhi.Pac 4. I laughed aloud at that one, particularly when I noticed the dilated eyes.

A suggested correction: the rules Bhi.Pac 11-14 define “standing alone w/a man” as standing within hand’s reach, but in drawings 11, 13 & 14 the two of them seem considerably farther apart.

Thank you! Sadhu!


Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying the doodles and finding them helpful. When I started this project, I also wondered how I would draw some of the rules (such as bi pc 4) but ideas just keep flowing as I go along. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have adjusted the images for pc 11-14. Thanks for your suggestion.

By the way, I have now made individual “cards” for each rule for another monastic who is using them for their study materials. They look like this:

(Parajika 1)
If they are useful for your vinaya teaching activites, PM me and I’ll send you a download link.


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 25-32 of 96)

  1. Wearing a borrowed robe without asking the owner
  2. Obstructing a group from receiving cloth
  3. Blocking a cloth distribution
  4. Giving a monastic robe to laypersons or non-Buddhist wanderers
  5. Waiting for cloth from an unreliable household until robe season is over
  6. Blocking the removal of kathina (robe season privileges)
  7. Sharing a bed with another bhikkhuni
  8. Sharing a blanket and mattress with another bhikkhuni


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 33-40 of 96)

  1. Intentionally annoying another bhikkhuni
  2. Not looking after a sick student
  3. Giving living space to another bhikkhuni, and then angrily throwing her out
  4. Living entangled with a layperson**
  5. Travelling domestically in a dangerous area without a group of travellers
  6. Travelling internationally in a dangerous area without a group of travellers
  7. Travelling during the rains retreat (vassa)
  8. Not travelling after the rains retreat.

** This is one of only two pacittiyas that require three admonishments by the sangha before the offense is committed.

(Updated 29 July 2019)


number 33 made me laugh so much :joy::smile::smiley:

Thank you for the belly laugh!!


Popcorn pacittiya :popcorn:!


Wait, what?? Bhikkhunis are required to travel?? I’m so confused




I did too. :smiley: :smiley:


Yes, at least 5 yojanas (about 50miles/80km).
The early sangha were homeless wanderers… You shouldn’t get too cozy in one place. :wink:


So bhikkhus can throw popcorn at one another? :thinking:


Only if laypeople offer it first… :wink:


Would they have to cut it first. :corn:


:rofl: no… The skin already ruptures when the corn pops. So cutting won’t do anything anymore :wink:


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 41-48 of 96)

  1. Going to see picture galleries, lotus ponds, amusement parks, or gardens, etc.
  2. Using a high or stuffed chair / couch
  3. Spinning yarn
  4. Doing a chore for a layperson
  5. Agreeing to settle a dispute between bhikkhunis, and then not doing anything
  6. Handing out food to laypeople or non-Buddhist ascetics
  7. Using menstrual cloth one has stored from the previous month without returning it to the sangha
  8. Going on a journey without giving up one’s room.

Monks giving food to lay people: Against the Vinaya?

Whoa! Wait! Doesn’t this contradict the Vinaya rule on offering food found on the road to someone who would offer it back to eat it? I recall something about travelling monks who found fallen fruit and had to offer it to others, only being able to eat it when offered back.


I think you are refering to this rule from the khandhakas?

“I allow you, monks, if one anywhere sees solid food that is fruit, but if there is no one to make it allowable, having taken it oneself, having carried it away, having seen someone to make it allowable, having laid it down on the ground, to make use of it, (he) having (formally) offered it to you. I allow you, monks, to receive (formally) what you have picked up.” Kd 6.17.9

It applies only to fruits, and the monastics have to lay the fruits on the ground. They don’t give it to laypeople directly.


Ah! Thank you for clarifying. Now it makes sense.
:pray: :pray: :pray:


The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 49-56 of 96)

  1. Studying “lowly arts”
  2. Teaching “lowly arts”
  3. Entering a bhikkhu monastery unannounced
  4. Insulting a bhikkhu
  5. Insulting a group of bhikkhunis
  6. Turning down an offer for more food, and then eating again elsewhere
  7. Keeping good supporters to oneself
  8. Spending the rains retreat in a a place with no bhikkhus nearby.