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The pacittiyas for bhikkhunis only

(rules 89-96 of 96)

This is the last batch of the pacittiya rules… :tada:

  1. Bathing with scented sesame powder
  2. Being massaged by another bhikkhuni
  3. Being massaged by a sikkhamana
  4. Being massaged by a samaneri
  5. Being massaged by a laywoman
  6. Sitting down in front of a bhikkhu without permission
  7. Asking a bhikkhu a dhamma or vinaya question without permission
  8. Going into the village without one’s vest.

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The Patidesaniyas

Patidesaniyas are offenses that can be cleared through confession, similar to a pacittiya. The difference is that the monastics have to use a specific confession formula to clear the offense: “I have done a blameworthy and unsuitable thing which is to be acknowledged. I acknowledge it.”
There are 4 patidesaniyas for bhikkhus, 8 for bhikkhunis. None of them are shared.

The patidesaniyas for bhikkhus only

(rules 1-4 of 4)

  1. Eating food received from a bhikkhuni
  2. Not sending a bhikkhuni away when she is organizing a meal distribution for the monks
  3. Eating food from families who have been designated by the sangha as “in training” (i.e. should not be approached for alms, because they give so much that they can barely survive themselves)
  4. Living in a dangerous place and having laypeople deliver food there without telling them of the dangers.

The full text of the rules can be found here.

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The patidesaniyas for bhikkhunis only

(Rules 1-8 of 8)

  1. Requesting and eating ghee
  2. … Oil
  3. … Honey
  4. … Sugar
  5. … Fish
  6. … Meat
  7. … Milk
  8. … Curds.

(If this seems familiar, it is parallel to bhikkhu pacittiya 39 :slight_smile:)


Is the offence “requesting and eating” or “requesting or eating?”. I cook exclusively with ghee, so it is a bit confusing to see that ghee is bad.


Please keep cooking with ghee! Ghee is good! :grinning:

Ghee belongs to a group of food that is considered even especially good, and monastics are not supposed to ask for that extra food and then eat it. This is considered being demanding and difficult to support.

If they don’t ask for it and are given some ghee there is no problem eating it.


Whew! Thanks for the clarification. :pray:


Isn’t requesting for these foods bad only after 12 noon?


No, the time of the day has no influence on the offense.
As Anagarika @Sabbamitta explained, the problem is that these foods are considered special, not that monastics ate them in the afternoon.

The list of afternoon allowables is similar but not quite the same: butter, ghee, oil, honey, and sugar.