Website is test of patience

HI, please pass this on to the developer.
Dude! I am on a Mac and your disappearing top menu is driving me nuts! The first sutta page is ok, but then if I press ‘next’ for the next sutta, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to that top menu bar. Please, get on a MAC, open Safari and try browsing your site. Why make the top menu disappear anyway, can’t you just keep it there?

as a sidenote, not a dhammic attitude towards a trivial problem

dispassion and equanimity are prescribed

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If I had those qualities, why would I come to suttacentral? I am full of KILESA!

So can you change the fancy javascript for the top menu please?

Thank you for your feedback, Ben. Sutta Central is constantly changing and expanding, and with this growth comes new problems. We have awesome developers who work to address these problems, but as the site is a team effort and a work in progress a certain level of patience is indeed beneficial.

Welcome to Discourse!

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Unfortunately I do not have access to any macs here. I have taken a stab in the dark at fixing this issue based on some searching and some tuning of the code. Please let me know if it is working better now.

Well, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say.

Hi @blake, @sujato ,

Was this bug regarding the vanishing header found on production (I assume)? And were the changes I added in my bug fixing branch a few days ago pushed to production and thus present when the user found the bug?

Has your new fix been pushed to production?

I need to understand what the status is before I can make any further changes or fixes for this.


@benlawraus, we’ve had a couple of devs respond to your post, but we need more details: OS, exact browser model, any popup blocker or other mods to the browser that might affect things. Also please confirm that this happens on the URL (not

Some changes have been made already, please let us know if it’s any better.

Dude, why bother with a website, computers are hard, why not just do books? Anyway, why bother with books, why not just scratch it in rocks!

But seriously, our top menu behavior is modeled after a standard pattern used in Android and lots of top modern websites. It has been widely adopted for good reasons. The main advantage is for mobiles, where is affords some badly-needed extra space. On desktops it helps create a blank space for reading, which is one of our main design aims, to not let anything on the screen be a distraction. And it also lets you call back the header whenever you want, which is very useful when reading long suttas, especially on mobiles and tablets.

Currently it has a couple of bugs. As a Buddhist teacher once said, that’s just the way it is. We’ll fix it.

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Hey Bhante! Fancy seeing you here, hope you are well!

Seriously, its an awesome website, too bad about the androids!

Just on another note, Abhayagiri list themselves on (which BTW totally ignores mobiles). I’m wondering if suttacentral could do the similar thing for us American (but unnaturalized) users? Let me know if you want me to try and rig it up.

Ben (from when you where at Santi FM)
P.S. when can you fly across the big pond?

i’m not in a position to give advice to your devs, since they do know the code and its capabilities

but i’ll say that to the best of my knowledge it’s a convention in catering for mobile tech that the adjustments don’t adversely affect desktop browser user experience

I did some of the same things that I did the other day when the top Menu teased by appearing and then disappearing.

That menu seems solid now, I can click on it easy. (Using OSX10.3.3 with Safari 8.0.6) Thanks devs !

Great, please let us know if any more bugs appear.

My apologies for not responding sooner. When I wrote that code I was unaware of the code you wrote. We independently made fairly similar changes. AFAIK the changes I made solved the problems, but as I understand you have a wider range of devices for testing on I will leave what code to use at your discretion.

(Test test… My first post)
The website is indeed a test of patience… (But then, I’m using the most utterly junky system since Windows93: Some netbook with last-version Android and Chrome 42.0xy browser. It seems this junk of a browser has some especially inefficient JavaScript (CSS? SOAP?) machine.)

What ever it is, the website response time is ridicu-lousy here at my end of the line. And there isn’t any heavy-weight images and video etc. on it…

I would actually love the look/design, well avoiding “IT papañca” - if only it weren’t by far the slowest loading page I visit.

Sorry about that! We don’t have enough resources to provide support for all systems. Maybe we could do a “HTML”-only version for crappy machines, though. @blake, would this be something feasible? Get rid of all CSS and JS, and have the menu just as one big list on the Home page, delivering suttas one by one?

Well, if I’m the only one who complains it might be time that I do change something. :blush:

But maybe there’s some bottleneck or bloat that should be polished. I’m not really a professional in JS/CSS/SOAP, but I’ve done a little there (and perhaps can help -if time/money allows). I like the technique, so I’m very curious what goes wrong here: Why wait so long for the content below the navbar to render? (I actually visit another page and read there, then come back here…)

:slight_smile: Martin

Edit test 1: First given up as buggy. Then suddenly the text to edit appeared… (Maybe I’m too impatient. But I still recall the response time of my ancient 233MHz 64MB Linux box. Things haven’t gotten better since…)

Edit test 2: Second edit responsiveness surprisingly good. BUT:
Post not updated (maybe in a minute longer?)

Edit test 3: Like 1, only worse.

If @blake gets time he can look at this, but we are focussed elsewhere right now so I don’t want to distract him. Generally speaking, we have extremely good performance, so I’m afraid this must be some obscure problem between our site and your system. If you can do any more detailed tests, and post the details of your system here, we might be able to do something.

Ooops! Forgotten clarification:
My problem is with
The sutta browsing performs excellent.
(Well, one minor nuisance: The browser’s navigation buttons don’t work: I had some unneccesary back-and-forth and counting of verses while looking up some Sutta Nipata details.)

:blush: Martin

Ahh, well, then, we probably shouldn’t help you. Shouldn’t, because Discourse is a fast-evolving platform, and any changes we make on our end will likely be squashed by updates. Like SuttaCentral, Discourse is built for the next ten years of the web, not the last ten years, so it does not try to support all old systems, sorry. My best advice: install Lubuntu.