What happened to user icons?


I prefer the dark theme too :smile:.

The notification circle color coding (green for PMs, blue for notifications, red for moderation) is well established, maybe simple white colouring for the numbers inside the circle would do the trick?

Ayya @Vimala, have you noticed this (very prominent on mobile but hidden behind the scrollbar on desktop):

The header extends to the right to fill the void when scrolling down and then shrinks again when reaching top (when SuttaCentral banner is visible again), which makes it very distracting.

Did anyone notice the same thing on mobile?


Just tried it out—for me it’s OK.


Maybe it has something to do with screen resolution (mine is 1080x2280)?


Mine is 1440 x 720 (Is this reslution? It only says “screen”… )

For me the notifications are not blue (and I guess for someone with accessibility problems the circle is hardly visible):



Did Sabbamitta change the colour?


Not sure what you mean… I can only change the theme on my own computer; and I can’t make changes to the coloring of the themes. :thinking:


Oh looks like the dark theme has dark letters in the notifications and vice versa.




I don;t seem to be able to recreate that. But it seems like a very high resolution for a mobile.

Will look into the color of the notifications.


Thank you! And maybe one of the mods can also say something in this thread, so that we can see the color of moderation notifications? @Nadine?


Thanks. This better?

And this is staff-color


The notification had the same color for me as before.

Staff-color looks good to me; but what do the moderation notifications look like?


Maybe try refreshing. Mine look like very dark green and blue with white bold number.


Now mine looks the same! :grin:





Why weird? Looks good, I think.


Weird because you say you see them as they were before and not like this.


No, the second time I saw them just like yours (can’t say about PM so far, though).


You can invoke a PM by sending a PM to our trusted friend @suttabot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @suttabot display help.